Rain, fog and broken noses

T – It was quiet windy at times last night. The tent bucking and threatening to blow away with us in it. But this morning showed no signs of that! It was calm and sunny and bright, and little gophers were running across the grass and chattering at me as wandered about.


C – I must admit I woke up a few times last night, expecting to hear a crash as the wind blew the bikes over. Thankfully this didn’t happen, but boy it was windy enough!! We enjoyed breakfast and a coffee in the sunshine, looking at the Rocky Mountains which we would cross today.

T – We shoved our camp away into their respective bags and were soon on the road. Again we wore no jumpers or thermals. It was bliss! We were crossing into Montana today and the prospect of a new country was very exciting.

As we approached the mountains that we had to cross in order to enter the US the clouds started to roll in. Thick and black. And then wind leapt up at us, cold and biting. Ooooooooh.


We made short work of the road into the border and a friendly customs officer soon had us stamped through and on our way. We were officially in the States!



We wanted to ride up and over the mountains and do Logans Pass. Apparently this was a spectacular ride. But not today. Not for us.

C – We cruised over the pass at Chief Mountain, enjoying the beautiful view of the mountain and feeling very excited to be in a new country again. We had been hoping for the continuing nice weather, but as we pulled into St Marys it was clear that the weather was very unclear! It had started to rain and the mountains were swathed in moody, grey and black clouds. I began to think that maybe cruising over Logans Pass today was not such a good idea, but when we found it that it was either the pass or the major Highway 2 to head West, we both leapt at the pass option.

T – As we turned up into the park the ranger on the gate informed us that the weather was bad and likely to get worse. With thunderstorms and snow predicted up on the actual pass itself. Great. He told us this while we were sitting in the pouring rain on our little bikes. Water dripping from everywhere and into everywhere. I’m so glad I finally found out why Mabel hated water so much, otherwise the days like this would have had me pushing her along the road.

The rain didn’t stop. It just came in buckets. We rode up the mountain and crossed the 2035mt pass in thick clouds. We could barely see 10 metres in front of us. There was no view. Just thick bottomless whiteness stretching off to the side. We were wet and miserable.  I was reluctant to even take my camera out for photos because it was just raining too much and I didn’t want to wreck my nice camera.

DSC03375 DSC03378

C – The initial part of the ride was completely stunning. I was worried about the snow forecast, given by reptilian blood and aversion to the cold, but  by the time we got close to the pass height, I was encouraging the weather gods to send us some snow! We were both wet through and cold already, so I figured a little snow would be exciting, rather than the relentless rain. Alas, it didn’t snow, but the visibility became less and less as we climb. The road is really stunning and I would love to do it again on a clear day. It was certainly something to experience in this weather though. The mood of the pass became intimidating as we took the many turns, only seeing endless clouds dropping off the sheer cliffs.

T – We crawled down the mountain. Fearful that someone behind us would come rushing along and not see us in this thick cloud. Thankfully most people drove with their brains today. Only one person overtaking us at speed and around a blind corner.

We ended up on Highway 2 and joined the stream of west bound traffic. There was a free camp not far up the road and we were keen to crawl into the tent and drag our kindles out while the rain pummelled down.

After negotiating a slippy dirt road we set up camp near a lake. Gotta love a free camp!!!

DSC03381 DSC03383 DSC03384

As we laid there reading and warming up we heard raised voices, swearing and yelling. Our “lovely” neighbours. One young sounding guy bragging how he was going to get so drunk tonight. Well, long story short, he got drunk, some other guys turned up. More screaming and yelling, then a fist fight broke out, at which point I had had enough and went over there, broke the fight up and told one party “Please kindly leave ”, in some very strong language mind you, and then had to tend to the other idiots broken nose. Stupid kids. They kept us up all night with this crap and neither of us got much sleep.


C – Man, what an evening. At first we thought that they were just young teenagers who might get a bit rowdy, but they were actually quite polite to us. I was keen to stay out of the fight situation, but when we realised it was a much older kid punching into a younger kid, who was already on the ground and not fighting back at all, I sighed and joined Todd in the very polite conservation. Thankfully the three older boys left and the remaining four did go very quiet, well for a bit anyway. It was a bit of a sleepless night!

DSC03390 DSC03393

T – Tomorrow we shall go elsewhere. Probably to Columbia Falls where we shall find a library and hopefully some wifi.

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6 thoughts on “Rain, fog and broken noses

  1. hi aunty chantelle and uncle todd
    everyone misses you and cant wait for you guys to come home.

    from bailee Xxx

    • tncpowell

      We miss you too Bailee!

  2. Dna

    Reminds me of bottom pub experience … if u know what i mean 😊

    Ran into mumma bear and papa bear the other day in bunnings… they looking great and looking forward to catching up with u guys..

    Hopefully it wont be too long before u can ride in the warmer weather… take care … stay safe… dna

    • tncpowell

      Haha. Yes we remember that all to well!!!

  3. Dar

    Glad it wasn’t one of you with a broken nose! Hopefully the sunny weather will find you again soon!

    • tncpowell

      We found the sun Dar!!! We found the sun!!!

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