Sunshine and lollypops

T – Oh my. It was so warm and sunny when we woke up this morning. To the point where I actually had to get out of the sleeping bag! It’s been a while since we have had weather like this!

With the promise of a beautiful riding day we packed up swiftly and soon had the bikes idling away nicely. Rosie was running much quieter and happier now her valves were adjusted correctly, and I hoped Mabels oil leak from her oil cooler was now fixed also.

C – We were very excited to be riding in our warm weather gear and to getting on the road. We stopped to fuel up before leaving town and noticed immediately a rather large puddle of oil under Mabel… goodness me Mabel – does it ever end!

Whilst we were playing around with her, a lovely couple from Vancouver Island pulled up and we had a nice chat to them.


T – It appeared that when fixing Mabel’s oil leak, I had inadvertently blocked the return line on her oil cooler. She built up enough pressure to blow a hole clean through her new gasket and was placing her oil outside of the engine instead of sending it up to the oil cooler. After a quick and easy fix we were soon on our way again.

T – We headed out of town. Our first stop after refuelling was a place featuring 11 bridges in 7 kms.

The bridges were really neat and we turned around at the Last Chance Saloon and went in search of a suspension bridge and the Hoodoos.

DSC03319 DSC03321 DSC03322

DSC03327 DSC03329

These spires of multi coloured dirt looked really cool standing out here. Each one topped with a flat stone that protected the packed dirt beneath it from being eroded away over the years. Thus forming the Hoodoos.

DSC03341 DSC03331 DSC03340

My only gripe here was the fact that there are people arrogant and ignorant enough to deface this beautiful place by engraving their names into the ground. Shame on you.


Then we took a back road heading west. We wanted to stay on all the minor roads when we had the option. And today was such a day!!

DSC03346 DSC03345

The back road we chose was made from 2 inches of marbles scattered across concrete. What a slippery little gravel road it was! We took it nice and slow and made it without mishap. Just a few sphincter clenching moments.


Then we were back on paved roads and riding through fields of canola. The bright yellows of the flowers contrasting beautifully with the bright blue of the sky. Soon enough we were both getting tired and it was time to look for a camp. Because we had been enjoying the ride so much today we had unwittingly covered over 450 kms. So much for slowing things down hey?

DSC03356 DSC03348 DSC03351

We camped a mere 1 hour from the USA border where we would cross into Montana tomorrow. We plan to do the Going to the Sun Highway before heading eastwards.

Our US visa dictates that we need to be in the states to apply for an extension on our visa. Also our time in Canada has counted as time in the US, of which we were unaware,  which leaves us just 3 months on our current US visa to cross down from Canada into Mexico. Meaning we have had to juggle our plans for the east coast of Canada and the US a little. We plan to head south and then shall ship back up into the States from Brazil and do the east coasts then. Canada, we shall be back soon!!

C – Tomorrow, Montana, and our first entry into the ‘lower 48’!

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  1. Jax

    That marble road made my eyes bleed.

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