I love dinosaurs. There I said it…


T – I was excited this morning. We were off to the Dinosaur Museum. I have heard so many amazing things about it and cant wait to get my nerd on! Apparently there is the largest T-rex fossil there as well!

C – After a wonderful hot shower and a great nights sleep, we both woke up excited to see bright blue sky and warm, warm sunshine. Today would be the first day we would venture out without a single thermal layer! WOOHOOO!!!!! After doing some much needed laundry, we got ready to head out on the bikes.


T – Without any luggage, spare tyres, tents or sleeping bags, our little postie bikes felt super light and nimble and they whizzed down the road. Mabel was hopping and skipping all over the place. She is such a great little bike. Even if she does give me a hard time.

We had a buy one get one free entry to the museum so we were chuffed when we only had to pay $18 to get in.



Straight away we were greeted with massive life size Albertosaurus  replicas. They were T-Rex style dinosaurs and looked quite vicious!

DSC03235 DSC03236

We spent around 3 hours wandering throughout the museum. I must say it has to be one of the best museums I have been in. Well thought out, great exhibits, and super informative. I had an absolute ball and could have easy spent another 3 hours in there!

DSC03244 DSC03253 DSC03263

The fossils were incredible, and some of them were huge! It was also really cool to be able to see through a plate glass window and watch as palaeontologists worked on some of the fossils. What a painstaking process that must be! Chipping away at rock to uncover a beautiful little skeleton.

DSC03286 DSC03289 DSC03288 DSC03287

C – I was so intrigued by the museum! It was amazing to take the ‘Journey through Time’, which explained the scientific beginnings of life and the evolution of life through time. I was fascinated to learn that there have been five mass extinctions since life began on earth and Todd and I spent the remainder of the day pondering what would become of the Age of Mammals?????

DSC03271 DSC03273 DSC03295 DSC03297

T – Then we rode the loop that took us out through the Badlands and across the top of the canyon. The different colours in all the layers of the hills was breathtaking. If you haven’t been here before, and you get the chance, then do it!

DSC03309 DSC03317

Then it was back to camp for some much needed bike maintenance.

Tomorrow we shall head south again towards the border

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