On our way to Drumheller eller eller, eh eh..

T – It tried to rain a little last night. Nothing to dramatic though. Better to rain at night and let us ride in sunshine all day I say! Our campsite was magical. The fact it was free was just a bonus!

We packed up the tent in full sunlight and even though there was a cool breeze blowing, we were feeling excited to be on the road.


C – The view in the morning was very impressive, the sunlight shining on the glacial fed blue river and the amazing mountains rising into the sky. Incredible!

T – Our destination was Drumheller, but that was over 350 kms away, and we weren’t sure we would want to ride that far in one hit anyway.

We hit the road and followed a beautiful aqua blue lake, fed from the snow and glacier melt of the Rockies. It was so beautiful!


Not far along we suddenly popped out of the mountains and into more flatter terrain. The ride from the Icefields Parkway to here had been incredible. And there was almost no traffic along this road!DSC03193

Our first stop of the day was at a small village called Nordegg. We both felt like a bum break and a coffee. We pulled into the museum/cafe and the friendly young girls there soon had us convinced that we needed to try the fresh baked pie they were serving. Not that I need much convincing in this! I had a piece of Bumble berry or some such thing. It was a mix of berries and rhubarb. OMG. It was amazing!

C – Nordegg was a pretty nice little town, and I must say, the pecan pie was to die for as well! My little Mother would have been in heaven with this pie!

T – Then we pushed on to the next major town, Rocky Mountain House, where we knew we could find wifi and fuel.


As we trundled along we noticed some very very black clouds building up in front of us. Uh oh. The sky was probably the darkest we had seen on this trip so far and we quickly donned our wet weather gear.

DSC03199 DSC03196

We kept heading east and south and for a while it seemed as though we may miss the approaching storm. It had passed to our left and was falling away behind us. We could see blue sky on the back end of it! We were home free with out barely a drop! Woohoo. Or so we thought…..

We stopped in the town of Innisfail to grab a sandwhich from Safeway. The rain thundered down as we stepping inside. Whew. We ate our sandwhich and then had to ask for directions to the next part of the highway. The guy who told us how to get there also said that just 15 minutes ago he had driven through a massive hail storm on that bit of road that we were heading. Never ones to shy away from a challenge we rode off towards the hail.

The rain quickly fell behind and the only hail we saw was the few patches laying in the grass.

Our asses were getting sore now, but we only had 70 kms to go to Drumheller. We pushed on.

Eventually we rode into the cool little town of Drumheller. Nestled in the Canadian Bad Lands and boasting the largest collections of dinosaur fossils in the world. So cool! We booked into an RV park in town, after having balked at the $40 odd to stay in some of them, one gave us a great discount which meant we could stay two nights rather than just one.

DSC03200 DSC03203

Tomorrow we shall go to see the Tyrell Museum. Full of dinosaurs and apparently one of the best museums in the world!

DSC03210 DSC03211 DSC03224

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