Sun shine!!

T – We were both excited this morning. There was sunshine and blue skies when we looked out the window! Sunshine Mabel!! Look!!!!

We scoffed our free breakfast and packed our gear onto the bikes. It was going to be such a joy to ride today. We both felt it! We had met a friend of a friend yesterday arvo. Heiko, who is also travelling the world on his big Honda. We hoped to be able to say good bye to him, but he was sound asleep and we were up and ready to go quite early. See you Heiko. Enjoy the rest of your trip!


We pointed our noses south-east and started our journey towards the US border. Still many many places for us to visit along the way of course!

DSC02998 DSC03000 DSC02999

The destination today was to camp somewhere down near Dawson Creek. The start of the Alaska highway that we have spent the last week traversing.

C – I had been diligently checking the weather forecast and was hoping we would be able to miss any remaining rain around Fort St John. We are hoping to not have to put on the wet weather gear again!!!

We passed quite a few bikes, riding north and south, and stopped to chat to a couple from Teslin at a rest area along the way. They are excited about attending a bike rally in southern BC in July – we hope you have lots of fun there!! During this stop, a cyclist pulled up and we had a lovely chat to him! He absolutely loved what he was doing and was a super interesting guy.

DSC03001 DSC03004

T – As we rode along a darkness started to build on the horizon in front of us. Thick black clouds banking up. But we kept twisting and curving away from it.

DSC03005 DSC03006

The road was smooth tarmac and not too busy. The number of bikes we had been seeing seemed to be dropping off now. But the number of big trucks was increasing. There are many oil fields out this way and most of the trucks seemed to be tankers of some type.


We had to pull in for gas at one point, and the clouds caught up a little. The sunshine disappeared and we chucked our wet weather gear back on. I was a little excited about this bit of a storm. We had seen lightening flickering in the clouds and it just looked so mean! I love storms.

C – I, on the other hand, was not so excited. Todd was looking at me with a boyhood glee on his face, whilst I was feeling wary of riding in an electrical storm. We needed to stop and pick up groceries (for us) and oil (for our lil girls) so pulled into Walmart in Fort St John. By this time, the cloud was heavy, low and an amazing shade of purple/black. After two minutes in Walmart, we heard the rain start. It didn’t last long though and the man the sky was impressive by the time we got out of the store.


T – We went out and raced for the bikes. The rain had stopped but the wind had picked up, and the clouds were swirling and moving so fast! It was incredible. Lightning flashed in the distance and thunder rumbled. Woohoo! Chantelle wasn’t so enthusiastic about it all.

We raced on down the road towards Dawson Creek, the rain trying to start. We also had a little bit of hail, but only a handful. Then we were running past it all again. Again we left the weather behind, blue skies just on the horizon.

C – We both got excited when we saw the turn to the wooden curved bridge of the Alaska Highway (Kiskatinaw Bridge). We ducked off the new highway and followed the old highway to the bridge. The bridge was spectacular, with the river thundering down. The area had experienced significant rain fall the previous two days and the river was evidence of this.


T – We hooned through Dawson. Stopping just long enough to snap a pic of the 0 mile marker for the Alaska Highway, the clouds chasing us, Mabel suffering from a broken wire somewhere in her wiring loom now. Her indicators horn and high beam switch no longer working. Unless I yanked on the wires at which point they would sputter into life before finally cutting out again. Always something with this old girl.

C – Heading through Dawson Creek, we were held up at some construction roadworks at the bridge. We saw the damage the rain had caused to the bridge and again, the river was really flowing and full debris.


T – We started looking for camp. Our plan to out run the weather seemingly going to end in with us crossing into Mexico at this rate.

Our camp was lovey. A little BC camp ground for $15. Chantelle made burgers for dinner while I replaced Mabel’s old worn out drive chain for a new one. I also managed to break her chain adjuster. Great. Poor Mabel.


Tomorrow we head south a little more. We are going to try to slow the train down a little we have options to get off the highways.



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