A day off

Well today has been a hide from the weather day. We only ventured out to do some laundry and buy some groceries. But now the weather is clearing up! So tomorrow we ride again!

No pictures for today as the inside of our motel room isn’t that exciting. Everything is dried out and washed. Hopefully our two bikes will also dry out a little now the sun is trying to force its way out from the clouds.

We have heard of some flooding going on down south and our thoughts go out to those affected. Old mother nature sure likes to show that she is the boss sometimes!

Dinner tonight is a pizza and some chocolate biscuits. Mmm mm. Healthy!!

Hoping to make Fort St John tomorrow, which is only 360 km’s from here, so after our free breakfast, we will get an early start and make the most of the nice weather. More wet stuff is on the way in this area by the weekend so we want to try to out run it a little!

We are trying to work our no plan-plan a little so we end up at Sturgis for the big bike rally. Maybe we will see of you there?!!

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2 thoughts on “A day off

  1. Kerrie & Greg

    Hi Todd & Chantelle don’t know if you remember us from Anchorage RV park but we’ve arrived home now and just want to wish you both an EXCELLENT continuation of your journey. Looks like the weather has not done the right thing but I am re-living our journey through your photos. Loved Whitehorse and Watson Lake. Fort Nelson was a nice place to land for the night as well. Cheers and we’ll keep watching Kerrie & Greg from Forster NSW

    • tncpowell

      Hey gous! We remember you!! It was great to hang out with you all! How was the rest of your holiday? We are riding in the sun now!!!! It is so lovely. We hope to be crossing into the US in the next two weeks. Both of us are missing Oz a little though. Hahah.

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