No cinnamon buns for us wet lepers

T – Well it rained all night. It didn’t stop once. The fly on our tent has soaked up so much water over the last few days that I am worried it will leak. I have some more tent waterproofing spray but I need a day for the tent to dry right out. Today was not that day!

I had to coax Chantelle out of bed. Even though her headache was gone, the weather made her want to hide away. Possibly if we weren’t just camped in a pile of stones and dirt we would have stayed another night. But we decided to brave the weather and pack up and head to Fort Nelson.


The ride was very pretty, I think. The clouds had closed in and hidden the view from us. All we knew was that the road went up, and then down. Went around to the left, then to the right.

Finally our wet weather gear had decided to give up the ghost. Especially the pants. Especially the crotch.

C – Why is it always the crotch? I was glad for the warm oatmeal we had for breakfast, although it didn’t take too long before we were both complaining about bits freezing and then becoming numb. The ride again was pretty stunning. Summit Lake on Stone Mountain was just beautiful. I kept thinking about lovely Brian and Cindy in Campbell River. Brian said to me during our stay that when we are going over a pass and its really really cold, to just keep going. I thought about this alot!

T – I felt like my testicles were resting in a pool of iced water and I was waiting for my voice to crack and go prepubescent squeaky again, such was the height of which my nurries had tried to retreat back into my body.


We pushed on. Hands, feet, nurries and faces frozen. Then came a sign for hot coffee and the best cinnamon rolls in the galactic cluster, or something like that. Oh yes please! Just what we both wanted. We were slobbering at the thought of being warm inside.

We pulled in and left our wet helmets, gloves and jackets outside. As we walked in the lady who works there rudely told Chantelle that she wanted nothing wet on her tables. Whoah. We had left all our wet gear outside so we couldn’t understand what she was on about. We shrugged it off and started to look at all the curios in the shop.

“What do you want? Do you want something?” the lady snapped.

She seemed very unhappy that we were there. Then her husband came out.

“Do you want anything” he growled. “Just here to warm up?”

I grabbed Chantelle and steered her towards the exit. Telling her there was no way I was giving this place a red cent of my money. These guys were terribly rude not just to us, but to the other customers also. Two other young girls also walked out ahead of us, putting their money back in their pocket.

C – You can imagine my disappointment. I had been dreaming about hot coffee and cinnamon buns for the last hour. I agreed with Todd that we should not spend any money here, but man I wanted to be in that warm building so badly!

T – Disappointed and cinnamon bunless we got back on the bike. It wasn’t far to Fort Nelson and we both decided to hole up in a cheap hotel for a night.


So that’s where today ends. Our tent is in the bathroom drying out, our clothes spread out over chairbacks, and the heater up high. The weather reports that there is 10cm of snow expected in the area we camped last night! Plus more wet weather on the way for this area tomorrow. We may just decide to stay another night here in Fort Nelson we think. Then we shall head on towards the south!

DSC02982 DSC02987 DSC02986 DSC02985

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5 thoughts on “No cinnamon buns for us wet lepers

  1. Jax

    The cinnamon buns would have been old and stale anyway – just like the owners.

    • tncpowell

      Haha! They sure smelt old and stale…unlike their cinnamon buns. Which smelt so damn good. It was the hardest thing I think I have ever done. Walk away from hot sweet treats……..

  2. I am always astonished at why people who own service based business can be so snarky. I am glad you didn’t buy anything from there and moved onto a nice warm motel.

    • tncpowell

      Same here! Crazy hey!some people are just in the wrong job!

  3. Love your blog, thanks for the share.

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