Bone warming warmth warming us to the bone with warmth

T – Lucky we are going somewhere warm to soak in for a while. It rained all night and we woke up in a puddle of water. We didn’t fold our ground sheet very well under the tent, which resulted in water pooling under us and seeping through. Everything was damp. Our clothes. Our sleeping gear, and our helmets.

We did try to lay in the tent for a while to see if perhaps the rain would bugger off and give our tent a chance to dry out. Eventually we got sick of waiting and just packed everything away wet.

C – It was drizzling as we packed up and we both just went about packing the bikes in our usual routine. We were getting close to being ready to warm up the girls when Todd said ‘well, that wasn’t a good idea’. I then took notice and he had been wearing his glove liners to keep his hands warm during the pack up and had just stuffed a very wet tent into a very wet tent bag. Leaving his glove liners very wet and soaked through. Poor little possum, starting the day out with already wet gloves! This set the mood for the ride this morning, with us constantly reassuring each other of the warmth to come.

T – Chantelle feels the cold something terrible so she was very excited about soaking in some hot water for a while today. I promised her we could stay there as long as she wanted!

We rode along for a while in the rain. We only had around 60 km’s to go so in just under an hour we were pulling into the carpark for the Liard Hotsprings. We jumped off the bikes and as it was still raining, walked into the springs with all of our bright yellow rain gear on and all. We did get a few strange looks, but neither of us wanted to be any wetter than we already were until we were in the springs.

DSC02952 DSC02953 DSC02954

After a quick strip down we both jumped in. Oh my. It was HOT and I felt like a lobster going into the dinner pot. The sudden change from cold rain to hot thermal water was almost painful. But so good!

C – Anticipation was building as I was taking off my wet layers, followed by riding gear, followed by thermal layers. It felt a little odd putting on a bikini when it was sooo cold, but man was I looking forward to that water. Todd was already in by the time I came out of the change rooms and he looked at me with glee as he watched a massive smile spread across my face as my feet began to burn with warmth. I inched my way forward, planning to reach the hottest point, where the water comes out of the ground. Apparently its a tradition to make it to the rocks! I succeeded, getting VERY hot in the process!!!


After reaching the hottest point, I was in need of some cooling down (those who know me will be gasping in horror at this statement!!!) and so we ventured into the cooler pool, meandering all the way down to the end. It was absolutely beautiful, with fresh water pouring off of rocks in to the pool, cooling the water down. It was a very interesting sensation to have cold, cold water at my feet and hot water at my waist level. Very special! I made it all the way to end, standing for one very brief moment under the waterfall.

T – I watched as the grime and crud came off of my body and formed a big stinking oil slick on the water around me, wilting the plants around the edge of the pool. Children screamed and mothers gathered them up and raced them away, grown men turned green and had to hurry off to the bathroom. But I didn’t mind. I felt clean.

We soaked for a while until my skin went all pruney. Bliss.

Then we gathered up our wet riding gear and mounted our little bikes. We both started to suffer from headaches pretty soon after and put it down to not drinking enough water while soaking and the sulphur fumes.


The ride though made up for the rain. Wow. The Northern Rockies were upon us. And they were gorgeous! Big bald mountains everywhere. The road winding from valley to valley and past gorgeous lakes. This would be incredible on a sunny day!

DSC02968 DSC02969 DSC02972

C – We passed so much wildlife, watching sheep clamber over ridiculously steep cliffs. The riding just got better and better. We were both surprised and we just didn’t expect the Alaskan Highway to be so beautiful!


DSC02976 DSC02978 DSC02975

T – We rode around another 150 km’s before we found a camp in a little gravel pit and pitched our tent in the rain. I changed out some tyres on the bikes while Chantelle had a rest.


Then it was suddenly 930pm and bed time. Fingers crossed that this rain goes away tomorrow!

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