Where do we go now?

T – We woke up to pouring rain today. We hadn’t set the ground sheet up properly under the tent and the bottom of the tent was drenched. There are a few pinholes in the floor it seems and all that water had let itself inside. Our mats were drenched. The tent was drenched. Everything was dripping. And still the bloody rain fell. Ugh.


We silently packed up. Neither of us wanting to move on in the rain. It’s one thing to get caught in it, another to start riding in it. The tent was drenched. We poured it into the tent bag.

Once we had put all our wet weather gear on we fired up the two girls and hit the road.

Out on the highway the grey rainy world stretched away morosely in every direction. We turned east and rode. Our first stop today was Teslin. We hoped that by the time we got there the rain would have cleared up so we could cook some breakfast and a coffee. We had ridden this section of highway already when we were heading into Skagway. But now we had a new view heading back. And it was just as pretty. Rain and all.

DSC02874 DSC02893 DSC02895 DSC02896

Soon enough the rain was behind us and we were lucky enough to weave in between other threatening black clouds. There was a heap more bikes heading north today. All types from Harleys through to BMW’s. The most common though seem to be big BMW 1200’s and Triumph Tigers. No small bikes. Are we the only ones silly enough to be on such little machines?!

DSC02934 DSC02897 DSC02899

Once we go to Teslin we decided to fuel up and cross the dreaded steel grate floored bridge. We had already been over this wretched thing and knew what we were in for. The grated floor grabbing our little wheels and pushing us all over the place. It was worse than riding through sand and I watched as Chantelle wobbled and weaved her way across.

We had breakfast at the lookout above Teslin. In the sun. It was glorious! We had a big feed of baked beans on toast. I’ll be able to help Mabel along today with a little bit of fart power!

C – As we were eating our breakfast and drinking the life giving liquid that is coffee, we chatted to a lovely retired couple who were touring about. It so much fun to share adventures with other people. We enjoy hearing about other peoples travels – who they have met, where they have been, what they have done. And of course, sharing laughs about the silly things that happen along the road!!!

After breakfast, we were keen to hit the road and enjoy the sunshine, as this part of the highway was backtracking for us.

T – From there we slogged out a big section of highway. Only stopping to stuff our faces with Pringle Chip sandwhiches. Nom nom!  It was here we met a couple of fellow bikers. It’s always great to meet people on the side of the road. Brought together by the love of bikes!

We pulled into Watson lake. We were very, very excited as this was new ground to us now! No more backtracking! We had a wander through the signpost forest. It was awesome.  So many signs and from all over the world! How the bloody hell do you steal a massive city sign and then drag it here to stick up on a wooden pole in the middle of nowhere? We found a spot to stick one of our stickers and now we too are a part of this!

DSC02903 DSC02907 DSC02904 DSC02913 DSC02915

We had to stop at the grocery shop in town to grab some milk powder and as we climbed off of our bikes a guy came over to chat. He and his wife are on a bit of a cruise up to Dawson. They were absolutely lovely and both sounded like they were loving their adventure! It was great to chat to them. I was blown away by their generosity when I was presented with a pair of Sealskins water proof gloves. I didn’t know what to say. Thanks guys so much!


We then continued south towards the Liard Hotsprings. I am going to soak my ass in there for a week. I have so much ingrained road grime in my face now that I actually look like I have a nice tan.

The road climbed and twisted its way out towards the Liard River. Every corner was another stunning view.

DSC02917 DSC02925

Then we started seeing alot of wildlife. First up was a black bear and her cub playing in the grass. Until we stopped. Then it was a cub up a tree and a grumpy mumma bear staring at us. Gulp. We rode away. FAST.

After that we saw massive Bison on the road. One of which started to charge at a motorhome! Bloody hell. Does everything here want to kill tourists? We looked at the huge Bison and then at our little bikes. We were dwarfed by these animals.


Then we saw a Bison and a brown bear eating grass together. We didn’t even stop for a picture as I was worried about being trampled by a bison and then having a bear eat the juicy tenderised bits of me that would surely be mooshed about all over the road.

More Bison, more bears. So damn awesome! Especially with the amazing backdrop of blue skies, fluffy clouds and never ending forest.


Finally we decided to call it a day. 520km’s from where we started.

We found a little free camp at a place called Whirlpool Canyon.

DSC02938 DSC02943 DSC02950 DSC02951

We were just 60 km’s from the hot springs. Oh I can’t wait. I am probably going to pollute those springs so badly with my filth..just warning everyone…

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