Where’s the White Horse?

T – It rained last night. A lot. I think we have had rain for the past 3 weeks almost, almost, everyday. Where’s the summer weather?! We set an alarm to wake up early this morning. We have been going to bed so late because of the midnight sunshine and therefore have been sleeping in way more than we usually might. This is a routine we don’t really want to get into. So up early this morning and then to bed early tonight.

Whitehorse was about 350 km away and we knew we could do that easy. It was only about a 6 hour ride. We don’t really like doing these long km, they are long to us, days as we like to see everything along the way. But out here it’s just the highway. So on we ride.


As we rode along we started to see these little heads bobbing up in the grass on the side of the road. When we got closer they would disappear to be replaced by a tail sticking straight up as the little furry thing ran away and dove down a hole. They were so cool and cute and made us laugh. Gophers we think! I want one for a pet!


C – I was riding a bit ahead of Todd, enjoying the amazing views and scenery. The wildflowers, the forest, the colour of sky. We are forever scanning for wildlife and I caught a glimpse of something crossing the road in the distance. It wasn’t moving very fast, and from where I was, I initially thought maybe it was a dog, hoping that it might of a wolf. I kept riding forward hoping to reach a better viewing distance before it raced into forest. And OMG!!!!! As I rode past, it leaped into the low scrub on the road scrub, taking a fleeting glimpse back at me before heading for shelter in the large trees. ‘A Lynx Totti, its a lynx!!!’ I screamed into the communicator. I was sooooooooooo excited – the tufts on the ears giving it away. It was an amazing beautiful animal and I then spent time trying to come up with a plan to have one as a pet!

T – Chantelle was so excited. She was close enough to see the tufts on its ears. Me, I just saw something about the size of a dog and greyish.

All down the sides of the road were these beautiful purple flowers. The contrast between them, the green grass, and the greying skies was just gorgeous!


There was not much traffic about and we sailed on down the road. There’s a fair bit of history in this area and we stopped in at a few of the old roadhouses to read up all about them.

DSC02864 DSC02868

The scenery has been simply gorgeous too. Rolling hills, the wide fast flowing Yukon river, and trees for miles (firs I think..or pines). This really is a remote corner of the world up here and you really feel it when your immersed in it.

We stopped in at a spot that looked out over the Five Finger Rapids. Wow. Even from a good distance away we could see how fast the Yukon River was flowing over these rapids. It was really cool to learn that the old stern wheeler paddle ships used to have to winch themselves over the 1-2 foot drop that caused these boiling rapids. Very neat!


C – Whilst we were looking at the rapids and thinking lunch, we met a lovely Australian couple, touring Canada in a rented motorhome. They were from Bundaberg and this had Todd salivating at the thought of his beloved Bundaberg Rum – I could see him get all excited and tell he was hoping, just hoping, they might have some in the motorhome and give him a nip! But alas, this was not meant to be.

T – We passed a few bikes today. All heading north. Some of them on some massively  loaded machines. We waved at them all. I assume they are all heading to the Dust to Dawson meetup in a few days.


Finally we pulled into the city of Whitehorse. I didn’t think it looked anywhere near as bad as what other people had made it out to be. It was a nice little stop where we enjoyed some Macdonalds fries and some Walmart shopping.

We then decided to do another little bit of riding and find a free camp for the night.

Tomorrow we head for Watson Lake and the signpost forest.

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