Awesome ‘shrooms dude…

T – Last night there was a bit of yahooing going on in the RV Park we were staying in. A car load of dickheads pulled up at the camp next to ours at 230am with the occupants all screaming and yelling. They were blind drunk and yelling about how the “shrooms were so awesome”. I’m surprised they weren’t run out of the park by everyone.

C – These lovely neighbours of ours decided it was time to cut kindling… with a sharp axe, in their intoxicated state and in the middle of the night. What fun!?!?!? I was expecting to hear lots of screaming when one of them made contact with flesh!


T – When we got up the sun was out and it looked like it would be a nice day today. A good day to ride! The drunken neighbours were ensconced in their camps so Chantelle and I made as much noise as possible. Banging things, talking loudly and generally being a noisey nuisance.

C – We were disappointed to see that they had crawled out of their beds by the time we were ready to start the bikes. We thought it might be fun to drive past, revving the engine and beeping our happy sounding horns! But it wasn’t meant to be. Our moods were brightened when we saw them looking very, very under the weather!


T – Then we were out of there. Heading south. Towards warm weather and sunshine! But first we wanted to see the Highland Games!

DSC02838 DSC02841

It wasn’t far out of Dawson when Chantelle came over the intercom saying she wasn’t feeling so well. She was really tired and finding it hard to concentrate on the road. So we decided to find a camp sooner rather than later as riding while tired is just a recipe for disaster.

DSC02850 DSC02852


But in the meantime we met a few guys heading north on bigger bikes. They offered us a lunch of ribs followed by cinnamon bun! Score!



We found a little Yukon Government camp and pulled in. These little camps are great. For a very reasonable $12 you get a camp site with a fire ring and a bench, toilets, bins and all the free firewood you could possibly burn. So while Chantelle had a nice snooze, I made a warm fire and sat down with a cup of Fireball and my Kindle.

DSC02851 DSC02854 DSC02855

A little while later Chantelle emerged from the tent feeling much refreshed.

We had a nice little dinner by the fire and soon we put ourselves to bed where we watched a few episodes of Friends before calling it a day.

Tomorrow we want to get to Whitehorse. We have heard nothing nice about the place so we figure on a grocery shop and head out of there.

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