Happy Birthday Dave Pattenden!

T – I woke up early to the noise of something big sniffing around our tent. It was loud and close. Way too close. Even though we always cooked away from the tent and then stored our food even further away I thought “Bear!”

But then I went back to sleep. Too tired to do anything about it.

I awoke a few hours later with all my limbs intact and no holes in the tent. But the noise was still there. Sighing away outside. Smelling out the treats. Weird….

I was busting for a pee and so warily stepped outside. Into the wind. That was blowing through the trees. That in turn was making the weird snuffling sighing noises. Bloody hell.

I did my business and being as I was wide awake decided to wander around and see what early morning, 730 am, Alaska looked like. It was gorgeous as ever!

DSC02727 DSC02723 DSC02729

By the time I got back to the tent Chantelle was awake. She was as keen as I to get on the road this morning and in no time at all we had camp packed up and strapped to the bike. Time to hit the road.

C – I awoke this morning to a very warm tent. I had even unzipped my super duper sleeping bag and was sleeping just in my liner on top. I was pleasantly overwhelmed with the amazing blue sky and warming sun. Oh my, WHAT a day! I went about my morning ritual quicker than usual, much to Todds surprise. I was keen to enjoy my morning coffee in the beautiful sunshine, staring out over an even more beautiful vista. But I was even more excited about getting on the road. I had heard so much about Chicken, Alaska and the Top of the World Highway. I was done with coffee and packing up before Todd had finished his breakfast and chair!


T – What a road! Views for miles! It was gorgeous! And all under bright blue skies too! We were so happy! Let’s get to Chicken!

DSC02743 DSC02744 DSC02749 DSC02754

Chicken was a cool little place with a neat little vibe. We had a quick poke around, grabbed some photos and headed off towards the next destination. Dawson City. Back inside Canada!DSC02756 DSC02761 DSC02763 DSC02765 DSC02766

C – Chicken was exactly what I expected! A tough, very little town in the remote Alaskan wilderness. It was very cool indeed! I also enjoyed snapping a pic of Todd next to the ‘I got laid in Chicken, Alaska’ sign!

DSC02771 DSC02772 DSC02774 DSC02779

T – To get to Dawson, we had to first traverse the Top of the World Highway. We knew it would be lovely. And knew there was dirt. But holy hell! The road was incredible! Second only to our ride through to Skagway!


Blue skies stretched away in every direction as we rode along the ridges of the hills. We really were on the top of the world! Right up inside the snow line!


Then it was through Canada customs and into the Yukon. More of the road greeted us. More valleys, more hills and endless views across to snow peaked mountains. This is a must do ride for any biker who gets up this way! Do not miss out on this ride!

DSC02788 DSC02789

C – The ride was incredible. The highway being originally known as the Ridge Road. It certainly was that – the highway runs along the ridges of the mountains, from Chicken, Alaska all the way to Dawson City in the Yukon. The beautiful sky, the green rolling mountains, the deep valleys and the many many bends made for one of the most exciting riding days on the trip so far. I highly recommend this road to anyone coming up this way.

DSC02792 DSC02799 DSC02806 DSC02808

T – Finally we rolled down a long 14 km downhill and after a short ferry ride we were in Dawson City!

DSC02816 DSC02829 DSC02835 DSC02824 DSC02827

Tonight we had a few beers at two of the pubs and called it a night. There is a Highland Games on here at the moment, so we shall check that out in the morning before heading off towards Whitehorse.

C – Oh, and for today, a special shout out to a wonderful, wonderful friend of ours, Dave. HAPPY BIRTHDAY Dave!! We hope you have had a wonderful day!!!! xoxoxox

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One thought on “Happy Birthday Dave Pattenden!

  1. Dna

    Thanks guys… had a fantastic fortnight celebrating in melbourne and the gold coast.

    Glad mabel is better and things going so well. Loving your adventure.

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