Finally we are back on the road!

With Mabels new motor fitted up we decided it was time to get back on the road. We miss the road when we are stuck in one place like this. Even though we do try to make the most of being somewhere.

After we packed up we went and chatted to two fellas who are headed up to Deahorse. Good luck guys! Hope you made it safetly!

They are riding big 1190 KTM’s which dwarf our little postie bikes. Also they have heated jackets!!!!

DSC02679 DSC02680

Then we said a fond farewell to John and Desery, hopefully we see you again in Wisconsin, and rode out of there.



Mabel was very happy. She hummed and sang . Even though we were limited to 50 km/hr while we broke the new motor in, she still felt happy!


We rolled out of Fairbanks and past the Airforce base. Stopping for a minute to watch the jets land and take photos of the signs.

DSC02683 DSC02684

It was so good to be on the road that both of us just wanted to keep riding. Our destination for tomorrow being a town called Chicken.

We were on the Alcan Highway for quite some time today and we stopped to grab a pic of the end mile marker.

DSC02685 DSC02689

As with any highway though it was simply sit and slog it out. Eventually we turned up in Tok. A sleepy little town not fair from the crossroads where we would again turn north towards Chicken and the Top of The World Highway. Both of us excited by this next leg we pressed on.

DSC02691 DSC02707

But only for another 30 km. We found a gorgeous little camping spot just off the road. Tucked away into the corner of a disused gravel pit. We set up camp while sipping at a cup of Fireball.

DSC02712 DSC02715

What a day. Mabel was now “broken in” and I did an oil change on her and Rosie. The start of this new bit of road promised to be a doozie and we were both excited about the Top of The World Highway tomorrow.


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4 thoughts on “Finally we are back on the road!

  1. Jax

    Glad to hear Mabel is back to her feisty self… now let’s keep her that way 😉

    • tncpowell

      She is feisty and happy!

  2. Dna

    Hi tnc… having a gr8 time on the gold coast … plus 20 celsius .. just thought we’d let you know…dna

    • tncpowell

      Hahah. Thanks……its 6 here, raining and snowing where we camped last night……

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