Engine goes in!

C – We decided the RV park might not like us to change a complete engine in their park, so decided to get cracking on the task once most the park guests were asleep last night! We started the engine change around 10.30pm and were done and dusted, other than a test run, by midnight!

After a lovely sleep in and a wonderful chat to an Airbus 380 pilot, we showered and helped ourselves to the free coffee at the park. John wandered over and kindly offered to assist Todd with the engine changed, only to be surprised that it was done and Mabel had successfully completed a short test run.

Then it was off to the post office to pick up some parts sent to us by Mike from Lambda Motorcycles back home in Australia.


We had a lazy afternoon, having lunch and some Alaskan Brewery beverages with John and Desery before getting some much needed laundry done. We planned to get on the road early tomorrow so wanted to get this laundry ,though boring but essential  task, done.

It was an early night for us as we were both super excited about our next leg, Chicken and the Top of the World Highway, and we were keen for an early start.

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