Lets charge to Denali

T – The rain had buggered off this morning. We crawled out of the tent nice and early. We had booked our little Ford Fiesta for an early 700 am start so we could make the most of it. I had looked up the address for the hire company and they were only 600 mt up the road. An easy walk!

Until we got there. The GPS was wrong. We needed to walk another 3 km to the hire car yard. Oh well. Better get cracking then!

Eventually we made it. We signed our lives away and handed over a pile of cash. Then we were given the keys to our little Fiesta…. Oh no we weren’t! We were handed the keys to a new Dodge Charger! WOAH!!!!! I was in heaven! We made a quick exit before they could change their minds.

DSC02633 DSC02621

C – We arrived at the hire care desk (at the international airport) to pick up our little car. I couldn’t believe it when the lady said ‘here are the keys to your Dodge Charger’. I looked at Todd, he looked at me. We decided that we needed to get outta there quick smart before they changed their mind! I could tell Todd was in heaven!

T – We jumped in the car and headed out of Fairbanks and towards Denali. It was weird driving not just on the wrong side of the road, but also on the wrong side of the car!

The drive was pretty uneventful and soon we were pulling into the visitors centre at Denali. We had a wander through and looked at the displays. They were pretty neat and had us wanting more. We decided to check out a tour that would take us to the end of the road in the park. We could only drive about a 5th of the way in on our own.

DSC02622 DSC02623 DSC02626 DSC02629

Sadly the tours had already left before we got there. So we drove in as far as we could. The scenery was breathtaking and was what we had imagined Alaska to look like.

DSC02637 DSC02635 DSC02639 DSC02642

After that we had a quick poke around the shops in the town and cruised back to Fairbanks.

DSC02641 DSC02646 DSC02651

We had Scarlet in the back and she was keen to go and see Santa at his house while we were here. So off we went.

We had a nice visit with Santa and although I told him I had been a good boy he didn’t seem to believe me!

DSC02654 DSC02657 DSC02659

DSC02668DSC02661 DSC02662 DSC02665

Then it was back to camp and dinner and bed. We were both exhausted today. The last week seemed to have caught up to us all of a sudden!

Tomorrow we shall fit Mabels new engine which came today! Yay for Mabel!

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  1. Jax

    Awwww – I love the Scarlet and Santa pic

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