Meeting our friends!

T – After we checked out of the hotel we rode the bikes about 500mt up the road to an RV park. Poor Mabel rattled and shook the whole way. I felt so bad for her. Our bikes have their own personalities and I could feel how miserable Mabel was. She hated feeling this way.
We set up camp and went over to see a lovely couple we had met in Skagway. Their adventure and ours crossing paths again here in Fairbanks. It was great to catch up with these kind people again and we sat chatting for a while before they asked if they could take us out for dinner! Wow. How lovely! We accepted of course!

We had a few errands to run so we walked over to the shopping centre and sorted a few things out. Then it was time to head off for dinner.


C – John and Deserey had noticed our little bikes at the hotel in Fairbanks and messaged us to let us know where they were staying. The RV park where they were staying also happened to be the one we were looking at, due to its closeness to the hotel. We were worried about exactly how much far further Mabel would agree to ride! Dinner with these guys was wonderful, with John telling lots of interesting tales about his mechanical creations.

T – What a lovely meal! I had salmon and loved it! Followed by dessert! Then we chatted for a bit until the wait staff made it seem we should pay up and leave.






We hung out with John and Desery in their nice RV, and they introduced us to Fireball! A cinnamon whiskey made in Canada. This stuff is awesome. It warms you from the inside out with the cinnamon, and doesn’t need any type of mixer! Damn you John! We are going to be addicted to this stuff!!!


Finally we wandered off to bed. Chantelle was barely staying awake and my eyes were growing heavy too.

Tomorrow we pick up a hire car and head back down to Denali National park. Should be fun!!!

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