Come on postie man…

This is a short update of a few days, from Monday 30 May through to Thursday, 2 June 2016. We were basically stuck in Anchorage. Normal blogging shall resume soon!

T – So we had a bit of time in Anchorage while we waited for the postman to bring Mabel her new clutch. The nastiness from her engine had me worried that she would not even make it to Fairbanks. This gave us a good excuse to chill out and see some of the touristy bits of the city.

DSC02543 DSC02544 DSC02546

We had to go out and find a clutch removal tool first though. I had bought one in Australia and it had been residing in Mabels tool kit for quite some time now. See you never know when you might need something! But the one time I needed it…it wasn’t there. Last time I had seen the damn thing was about 300 kms south of Anchorage. Dammit. Shit. Damn damn…

In the end there was ONE guy in Anchorage area that had one. So we made a plan to go see him once the clutch arrived!

DSC02550 DSC02567

Then a heap of fellow Aussies arrived at the RV Park! They were just winding up their trip before the all head home. We hung out with them for the evening. It was great! Felt like we were back home for just a little bit. They gave us all the left over food from their RV’s that we could carry, then they cooked us dinner and sung happy birthday to Chantelle. It was great. They also asked us to get up and do a little talk about our trip. Which was quite scary! So lovely to have met you all! Thanks for letting us hang out with you for the arvo!

DSC02552 DSC02559 DSC02558 DSC02561

We ended up wandering around for a few days. Walking up to 10 km’s to pass time. We booked ourselves onto a city tour and enjoyed learning all about the history of the city.

DSC02545 DSC02572

On our final night in Anchorage, our new friends Bob and Ann, took us our for dinner at a local eatery called Humpy’s. The food was delicious and the company was amazing!

Thanks Bob and Ann! I’m sure we will cross paths again!

Then we had confirmation that the new part was arriving tomorrow! Good news! We are ready to begin some biking again!

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2 thoughts on “Come on postie man…

  1. Jax

    … and the weather looks great too!

    • tncpowell

      It was gorgeous! Then today happened……

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