Being a bloody tourist ourselves

C – I awoke quite early this morning, mainly due to the extra hour we gained when we crossed into Alaska.

After not having a shower since Tuesday, I can not explain how much I was looking forward to standing under some hot, steaming water. I was immediately impressed with the shower and stood under there much longer than I should have!!!!

T – After wearing rain and windproof pants for the last week, and with no fresh air flowing through the fabric, my riding jeans were smelling very badly. So was I to be honest! I ended up in the shower for 20 mins trying to scrub the stank off of me!

DSC02352 DSC02357 DSC02356

C – We decided to play tourist after taking care of the laundry and wondered the streets of Skagway, just meandering along any street that seemed like the right one to take. We ventured down a street off Broadway Street and decided we had to eat breakfast at a cafe that sold a Sausage and Egg McMabel – how could we resist that!!! It turned out to be one of the best breakfast muffins either of us had ever eaten!

DSC02353 DSC02354 DSC02358

T – See how popular lovely little Mabesy Babes is? There’s  even a burger named after her! It was leaking oil, not put together very well, and a little bit soggy, but after just a taste we both wanted more! Just like Mabel!

C – After quenching both my coffee addiction and hunger, we paid a visit to the IGA to top up our breakfast supplies. And you will never guess what we found…..mmmmmmmm Bacon. All types of bacon!

DSC02359 DSC02362 DSC02361 DSC02360

T – I knew you could get cheese in a can here. But cheese and bacon?????????? Crazy!

DSC02364 DSC02368 DSC02367 DSC02366 DSC02365

After we stared at bacon products for a while we set off to the library to steal some wifi. We figured we may possibly need some tyres by the time we reached Fairbanks as these Michelin Gazelles seemed to be wearing fast! In our email inbox there was a quote for another set of tyres and tubes plus shipping totalling $390 Australian bucks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  We decided to sit on it for a bit and maybe look at some other options. That’s just way to expensive. Our budget being just $50 a day between us meant a whole lot of days just for some tyres.


C – The rest of the day was spent just wondering around the town of Skagway. We ventured down an alley way and you will never guess what we saw – that’s right, some Honda Trail 90’s and 110’s just posing about in a backyard. We chatted to the guy for a bit and he kindly sold us some brand new tyres for $20 for the pair – we couldn’t believe our luck after we had just about ordered the expensive tyres this morning!!


We sorted our ferry tickets to Haines for tomorrow then decided, given our budget was blown and we were enjoying playing tourist, to sample the delights of the local brewery and saloons!

DSC02374 DSC02378 DSC02377

T – Budget smudget. Lets have a beer and enjoy Skagway we figured.

C – All too soon we had consumed three beers each, shared some amazing chicken wings and a pretty special smokehouse burger. We walked back to the tent in a bacon daze to zone out with some mindless movie watching.

DSC02389 DSC02392 DSC02385

Tomorrow we plan to see some more of Skagway before bidding adieu and heading to Haines and back into Canada for the final push through to the border to Alaska.

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  1. Karen Brenner

    Enjoying reading about your adventures!

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