Being Lazy

This is just a quick summary of the last few days. We have been in Prince Rupert and were kindly offered a lovely little place to stay while we waited for our tyres to turn up.

DSC02113 DSC02112 DSC02130

We have enjoyed a few days off the bikes and just have been generally lazing about the place. We enjoyed a little bit of a walk around the town and treated ourselves to lunch at a fish and chip shop and a pub! Wooooo big spenders!



On Saturday it was such a glorious day that we decided to ride our little bikes up to the top of a mountain to see if we could get a nice view over the town. The track was quite steep in places and covered in large sharp rocks. But it was good fun and after around 6 km’s, we reached the top. We were treated to some awesome views and some amazing clouds racing overhead.

DSC02127 DSC02126 DSC02119 DSC02116

We also spent a fair bit of time strolling along the water front and just watching the boats come and go. All in all it was terribly relaxing.

DSC02129 DSC02134 DSC02133

Something we really enjoyed was just sitting at Allan and Kristins house on their comfy couches and watching episodes of Friends. It was pretty nice!

DSC02128 DSC02143

The tyres arrived a few days early so we are heading out today and riding back to Terrace and then turning north through a place called the Nass Valley. Hopefully we will get to see some lava beds today and then camp at a place called Lava Lake. See how we go. It is raining at the moment so we are very much putting off the whole pack up and leave thing.



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3 thoughts on “Being Lazy

  1. It rains in Prince Rupert a lot. You are seeing the prettiest parts of our province!

  2. Jax

    Stop being lazy – get back to it!!!
    I need something to read.

    • tncpowell

      Haha. We are getting lazier and lazier!!

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