Prince Rupert

After last night Chantelle woke up feeling a little unwell. Her tummy wasn’t happy so she was pretty keen to not travel too far at all. We decided to not stay another night in this camp as we do have to keep moving  towards Prince Rupert. We have some tyres heading that way and once we have them in hand we shall head for Alaska.

It didn’t take us long to pack up camp and we were trying to be quiet as the girls from the next camp had partied pretty late last night and were still sleeping.

We rode into Terrace where we wanted to buy some mozzie nets and spray as the little buggers have discovered our sweet tasting blood.

Then we were on the road! We have been told that this ride from Terrace to Rupert is stunning! Boy was it ever!

DSC02093 DSC02094 DSC02095 DSC02097

The road hugged the river pretty well all the way and the sun shone down with plenty of warmth. A perfect riding day!

We made a pitstop at a rest area where we cooked up some moose burgers given to us by Grahame.

DSC02108 DSC02109

We were contemplating camping here too as it was a lovely spot but we are unsure of the fines for camping in a day use area. Not that there was anyone else there anyway.

DSC02101 DSC02102

So we pushed on. The road was mesmerising and we didn’t mind having to ride a bit more!

DSC02105 DSC02106 DSC02110

We were looking for free camps as we went but not knowing the area to well we seemed to end up in rubbish dumps or dead end roads near peoples homes. So we ended up riding all the way to Rupert and the only RV park in town. Oh well! We have had an invite to stay with Dean and Janettes daughter and her boyfriend here so we will look them up tomorrow and see if they are in town.

We will be spending a few days in town so there may be one or two days of no blog if we end up just lazing around on a beach!




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2 thoughts on “Prince Rupert

  1. Jax

    What gorgeous sunshine!!!
    Meanwhile, in Oz, I’m digging out my Ugg boots

    • tncpowell

      Haha. It’s just starting to warm up nicely here!

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