Bye Larson Ranch!

We were leaving Grahame and Caroles today. It’s always hard to leave such amazing people. But the ride must go on.

There was a fair bit of grey sky today but just as we were watching, a massive ray of sunshine broke through and shone down on the valley. It was stunning! A sign of things to come? Hope so!


We said our goodbyes to Carole as she had to go to work and sat down for a nice hot breakfast with Grahame.


He asked if he could show us one last place just up the road before we left. Obviously we were happy to do that!! So off we went to check out a beautiful little lake where everyone in the area went swimming in the summer and ice fishing in the winter. It was a lovely little spot and one we could have stayed at for a few hours.



We headed back to the house and finished packing our bikes before giving Grahame a go on Mabel. As he wobbled off down the road we could hear him swearing!
He came back wondering how the hell we were riding these things all loaded up! Haha!
Finally we had hugs and it was time to really go. We waved goodbye and just like that we were gone.

We were only planning on riding for around 2-3 hours today to camp. We had picked a camp just out of a town called Terrace on a little lake in the forest.

The ride was nice and pleasant and there wasn’t too much traffic on the highway. We did get excited when we saw the big sign to Alaska. However we weren’t headed that way just yet.

DSC02066 DSC02063 DSC02068 DSC02069

Once we got to Terrace we took a turn down a hard dirt road and followed it all the way to camp. Passing another Black bear along the way. We are seeing these guys once or twice every day now and still get excited every time.

DSC02071 DSC02089

Camp was already a bit crowded when we got there but we found a little spot up near the toilet block. Barely had we gotten off of the bikes when a lady invited us into her camp for a refreshing beer! Yes please!!

Well it seems we may have crashed a girls only party. They did allow me to hang out with them though as we had a few drinks and even let off a firework!

DSC02091 DSC02073 DSC02077 DSC02082

Eventually it was time to go to bed as we were hoping to get away a bit early tomorrow.
Tomorrow we might go halfway to Prince Rupert, so about 60-70 km’s down the road.

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2 thoughts on “Bye Larson Ranch!

  1. Grahame

    Hello Aussies! Was Great meeting you folks and being a tiny part of your extraordinary adventure. Also our chickens love you.Thanks for all the help.Really hope to run into you again and we can have a brew together and hear some great stories.
    We just got lucky again after you left and a young lady from Holland showed up and we get to show off all over again.
    Have a great trip you two.

  2. Dean and Janette Daly

    Hey guys!! Hope the travel into the Nass Valley is a great one for you! It is a special place.
    Thanks for your kind words – Janette and I miss you guys already! We sure hope it won’t be the last time our paths cross!

    It was such a pleasure meeting you both and getting to know you. You are both really kind and gentle folks. We will follow your adventure and hope that you continue to uncover all of the simple beauty and magic along the way!

    All the very best wishes for your travels – hope we see you again along the trail!!

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