Being a grizzly bear

It was really cool to wake up today and lay in bed looking out the window at the mountains. It was a bit wet looking out there and the clouds were draped over the mountains.

Just as we were thinking about heading over to the main house, Grahame came over with a mug of coffee and a mug of tea for us! Man what a guy! Its so amazing to meet such special and beautiful people so soon into our trip.

We sipped at our hot drinks as we chatted and wandered over to the house for a full cooked breakfast of bacon, toast and eggs. So good!


Then it was time to work! Which we both were excited about! We helped erect an electric fence first, which Dean then shocked himself on, and then helped to shovel out the chook pen. I love a bit of manual labour so it was good to stretch some muscles that I haven’t used in a long while. I reckoned I would be sore the next morning!


Once we had finished that, Grahame showed us how to drive a Ranger ATV and we all jumped into two buggies and raced off across the paddock. So much fun!! Im sure Grahame and Dean were having as much fun as we were. Until they stopped to look at a coyote and I very nearly didn’t. Luckily we stopped within millimeters of running straight up the back end of Grahame and Deans buggy! I was so embarrassed.

DSC02030 DSC02032

We then raced through mudholes and down skinny tracks. There were a few fallen trees and we made quick work of cutting them up and shifting them out of the way. Its was so much fun!

DSC02034 DSC02040 DSC02041

Before we knew it though lunch time was upon us! Where did the morning go?

We had a big feed for lunch and then we were back into the buggies and off to look for more wildlife. Grahame and Dean continuing to impress us with their incredible knowledge!

DSC02042 DSC02043

We stopped and admired a bear from afar. A big fella he was too! Then came the real kicker. Grahame was going to show us some bear dens. One a Grizzly bear den and the other a Black bear one. With one condition, we had to climb inside the Grizzly bear den! Hell yes!

DSC02049 DSC02045

What a cool little thing to do. It was a highlight for us as we figured not every tourist gets to climb into a bear den and stare at the massive gouges in the wall from its claws! We raced off from there down the road to the Black bear den, which looked way scarier and way more comfy than the Grizzly one.

DSC02044 DSC02050

All too soon it was time to go back to the house for dinner with Caroles parents and say a final farewell to Dean. See ya next time Dean! It’s been incredible to hang out with you guys!


After dinner we had a nice chat to Carole and Grahame and then it was 11 pm and bed time! We aren’t looking forward to saying good bye to these guys tomorrow that’s for sure.

Tomorrow we shall start our slow meander towards Prince Rupert.

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One thought on “Being a grizzly bear

  1. Dna

    What great experiences ur having and lovely people u r meeting… scarlet wont want to come home…

    Love the golden retriever….

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