Leaving home

We woke up feeling a little sad today. It was time for us to move on. We have ordered some new tyres to Prince Rupert and need to keep heading that way in order to pick them up. We said an early goodbye to Dean as he was off to help out a mate on a ranch a little ways up the road.

DSC01958 DSC01961 DSC01959

We moved slowly packing up our stuff as we didn’t really want to leave. But if we stayed any longer then we would have never left!

It was as we were packing up that Dean called from his mates place. Would we like to come there and stay on a ranch for a couple of nights?? Of course we would!

After we were packed we gave Janette big hugs and rode off. It wasn’t far to the next nights camp now, maybe 70 kms. So we just meandered along and had a good look around.

DSC01963 DSC01965 DSC01968

We pulled in to the town of Hazelton and Dean had told us to go and check out a place called K’san.

It was pretty cool and had a nice little museum and some cool totem poles! We then had a nice drive around the nearby town site before heading off to the ranch.

DSC01971 DSC01977


It was a nice easy ride on some smooth hard gravel roads and before we knew it we were pulling into Larson Ranch. We had a guest house already to go and after we arrived we flopped onto the grass and both of us had a snooze in the sun with a sweet little cat!

DSC01978 DSC01990 DSC01997 DSC01995

Dean and Grahame arrived soon after and we jumped into the pickup to give them a hand with some work. then we went back to the house for a shower and met the guys over in the main house for some home made rhubarb wine, yummmmm, and stir fired moose, double yum!!


Grahame and Dean are a font of knowledge when it comes to the wildlife and plants in the area. It was great to listen to them both and we learnt so much! So damn cool!

Grahames wife, Carole, came home and we were soon chatting up a storm! After a few more wines and a bowl of ice cream it was 11 pm and bed time!

Tomorrow we are going to help out around the ranch a little and then go on a grand tour of the ranch!

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One thought on “Leaving home

  1. I envy your adventure! If I hadn’t already booked summer vacay and need to pay off some bills and didn’t have a full teaching slate, I would be packing up the bike to join you! Maybe some day!

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