After a great sleep in, we had an amazing breakfast cooked by Dean. Eggs, tomatoes, bacon, and toast! We may never want to leave this place!!


We were off for a bit of sight seeing around Smithers today and Dean and Jeanette had us all excited about it thanks to their amazing enthusiasm and passion for their home town!

First stop was the local Farmers Market where we met another Aussie! She had moved to Canada a while ago and loved it here in Smithers. She likes to listen to a little bit of Australian talkback radio each week though, just to remind her of home! She was so sweet and found a new buddy for Scarlet! We haven’t named the little koala bear yet but the RCMP moose from Cindy and Brian is now called Moosey Moose!


From there we went to a cool little coffee joint where Dean and Janette shouted us a chai each! Damn it was good! These pair are so kind and amazing. We are truly lucky to have met them!

After that we took a ride in their massive, to us, Dodge Ram up to check out the ski slopes above town. Even though they were closed for the season there was still plenty of snow laying around. Scarlet wanted to pose for a photo but ended up falling into the mud a little bit!

DSC01927 DSC01921 DSC01922 DSC01923

Then we were off to look for bears! On the way we stopped at a real life Shoe House! Pretty neat! Always though in the background was this amazing set of mountains. I couldn’t stop looking at them!

DSC01929 DSC01933

On the loop back to Dean and Janette’s place we stopped in to see some special sights including a stuffed Grizzly Bear that had been menacing the locals cattle. He was a big boy but unfortunately I couldn’t get a decent photo of him.

DSC01936 DSC01938 DSC01941

That night we were treated to a feast from the local Indian Restaurant that Dean loves. Then it was sit back and taste some quality tequilas before retiring to bed.

Dean and Janette, you guys are incredible and we cant thank you enough for your kindness, your hospitality and for sharing your passion of Smithers with us. Thank you so so much!

Tomorrow we are going to spend another night here and are having a BBQ to meet some of the neighbours!

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7 thoughts on “Smithers

  1. Dar

    I am so enjoying your travels! It makes me want to pack-up my bike and roam!

    • tncpowell

      Haha! Thanks Dar! Feel free to come along with us!!!!!

      • I have to say If I could catch up with you I would!

        • tncpowell

          Haha. I reckon you would catch up in less than a day!

  2. Brian and Cindy

    Hey there guys. Glad you enjoyed your visit with Dean and Jay. Yes, they are remarkable. Always open to a new adventure and more then hospitable. Well done Daly family!
    Enjoy your continued Honda adventures . Its a good read and we are envious. We will keep checking your blog.
    Yeehawwww. Brian and Cindy in Campbell River

  3. Great photos! Looks like an awesome trip, thanks for the share!

  4. Jax

    Moosey McMooseface 😉

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