BBQ Day!

We are so lucky. We slept in! A lot! Then it was up and at ’em! Dean and Janette were having some neighbours over and we were keen to meet them all! So after a nice breakfast we all pitched in to get things ready!

DSC01943 DSC01944

I helped Dean to set up outside and gave the table and caravan a good pressure wash. It felt good to do something after not having worked since December!


After that was all finished Dean, Chantelle and myself hopped onto the 4 wheeler and Dean took us for a tour of their remarkable property.


What a blast! we were chatting and ;laughing and having a great old time! Especially when Dean tore through some slippery mud holes!! Woohoo!


Dean and Janette are so proud of their place and it was awesome to hear all about their wood lots and learn the difference between ‘pines’ and pines!! Dean showed us some cool spots along the way including a beautiful little cabin. We also learnt how to tell the differences between poo’s of the various animals wandering around their place. Dean tried to teach us how to find Morrells mushrooms, but we are pretty useless and only ended up with the two that Dean found!


DSC01954 DSC01955 DSC01956

We both had a go at being driver of the 4 wheeler and Chantelle managed to do a nice reverse skid. On purpose right Chantelle?


We had a blast! These guys are so kind and we just loved spending time hanging out with them.

Then it was time to properly get ready for the BBQ. Chantelle made a lovely sweet potato salad and I helped Dean to taste some beer! It wasn’t long before people started showing up and the party started!

There was so much food and so many great people! What an amazing little neighbourhood! We had so much fun and stuffed our fat little faces with masses of great food!

After we said goodbyes as people left it was time for a quick chat and a beer before we hit the bed. What a great fun day!

Tomorrow we are going to head towards Prince Rupert.

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