New found friends!

Today we were off to Smithers to stay with some new found mates! This was Cindy’s brother and his wife, and after staying with her and Brian a couple of weeks back, we were keen to meet these guys!

We enjoyed a nice day for riding. Clear skies, little traffic and just a little bit of a cool wind.

DSC01893 DSC01889

Along the way we passed a group of black cows grazing in a small field next to the highway. Except…they weren’t black cows. They were black bears! A mum and her three little babies! As soon as we pulled up though the little ones took off. Even though we were a good 100 meters away from them it seemed they were taking no chances. Mum stayed out in the field and stared in our direction. Fluffing her cheeks up. So we didn’t stay too long.


Then it was time for a quick lunch break and drop some rubbish off before setting our sights on Smithers where we would meet with Dean and Janette. As we got closer to Smithers we started seeing gorgeous jagged snow topped mountains rearing up from the landscape. Yay Mabel, mountains! Your favourite!

DSC01898 DSC01899 DSC01902

Smithers was a delight to ride into and so so scenic. Wow. We had a quick hunt around in town for some new tyres to suit our bikes on the off chance we would find some. no such luck. Time to order some ahead of us then!


After another short 5 minute ride we made it to Dean and Janettes jaw droppingly beautiful property! What a place! Lots of timber and log beams and so much character! It is truly a beautiful home!

DSC01916 DSC01917 DSC01908

Our new friends are so welcoming and lovely and it didn’t take long before we were sitting on the deck with beers in hand and sharing some stories and some laughs. It felt like we had know these guys for years already!


We shared a great dinner and some wine before retiring to the couch with a glass of port for some more laughter and chats. The night was over so fast and we stumbled downstairs and crashed into bed!

Tomorrow we stay put for a couple of days. Dean and Janette are going to show us around their lovely town and we cant wait!!

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One thought on “New found friends!

  1. Shanon Gourlie

    We had such a great time last night with you both. Thanks for the laughs. Keep in touch. Let us know when you back in Terrace. So happy you found Pine Lake. Enjoy your journey,stay safe.
    Your forever friends

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