Highway of Tears

We woke to gorgeous blue skies and a lovely chill in the air. We were really looking forward to our ride today! We intended to knock out a few extra km’s to try to make up for some that we had lost. So we packed up and after a quick drive through the main street, set off for Prince George.

DSC01868 DSC01869

Unfortunately we were stuck on the highways now as many backroads that we could see didn’t loop around and join up to where we wanted to go. We have also decided to try to pick a camp some distance ahead and aim to reach there by 3-4pm each day. No more motels!!

The highway was like any other. Wide, fast and smooth. Before we knew it we were in Prince George. This place had a very industrial feel about it and after we had our obligatory Tim Hortons coffee and Bagel we headed out of town with our destination being Fraser Lake.

DSC01870 DSC01872 DSC01873 DSC01875

By now we had started to see some signs along the highway asking for information about missing girls. We were riding on what is known as the Highway of Tears. It seems many girls have been taken from the highway while hitchhiking and are never seen alive again. So sad and it made for a sobering ride. For more info go here.

We eventually made it to Fraser Lake and the free campsite that the town has down by the lake. What a beautiful spot!! I would imagine that it would be very popular in the warmer weather, however it was just us and a stray dog!

DSC01877 DSC01879 DSC01880

We did some minor maintenance on the bikes, Rosie needed her carb leaning out and Mabel needed her front tyre flipped around. Then it was time to kick back with a burger and watch the sun go down until eventually the mozzies drove us into the tent. A good ride today even though nothing of note happened.

DSC01884 DSC01882 DSC01887

Tomorrow we are meeting up with Cindy’s brother and his wife near a town called Smithers! Cant wait!!

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5 thoughts on “Highway of Tears

  1. K Hickok

    Blessed by the presence of dog. Beautiful photos.

    • tncpowell

      The dogs are gorgeous! Dean and Jeanette’s puppy, Abby, is so sweet! We want to kidnap her and take her on the bikes!

  2. Lovely pictures! I take it mozzies are mosquitos? They are bad up there, more like raptors than bugs!

    Yes the Highway of Tears is a very sad reality in BC and its one that still defies the authorities as to who it is that has done this terrible thing and we struggle with it, so much sadness.

  3. Hi Guys

    Loving following your Canadian adventure. I was wondering why you didn’t keep the hard panniers you used in Oz on the bikes when you took them to Canada?



    • tncpowell

      Hi Matt. Well after Chantelle had her off we figured things could have been pretty bad with the hard panniers. The impact of them on her ankle snapped her off road motorbike boot buckle clean off the boot. Plus a few other things such as we never locked them anyway, which was part of our reason to buy them in the first place.. But for us it was about avoiding that injury of hard impact to the ankle. On a bigger bike the panniers would sit higher and further back, whereas on these little bikes the pannier was hard up against the backs of our feet. Plus the weight savings is huge. We probably dropped 10kg by not having the racks and cases!!!

      Its a hard one. Soft pannier vs hard…I’m really not sure which one is the right choice to be honest!

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