Just wow!

We had some high expectations today about the ride. A book kindly given to us by Brian has listed this road as a great ride! So we were up and at it early, knowing we had to take on some mountain climbs today. I had neglected to tell Mabel this as she hates mountains and hills, and flat ground, so she started up quite happily. Shhh don’t tell her yet!



We had been to Whistler a few years ago and we were keen to have another look around there again.

But first we had to back track along the beautiful road we rode into camp yesterday. With one small difference. Today there was not a single cloud to be seen. So with clear blue skies and crisp cool air, we were off!


A bear got into our food stash…


Again our eyes were bugging out at the beautiful scenery and our necks were getting sore from the constant swiveling about. Just wow. That’s all we could say.


We had a quick poke around Whistler Village but felt that there wasn’t much there for us this time around, so it was back onto the bikes an onwards. We wanted to get to a camp just south of a town called Lillooet today.

DSC01631 DSC01635 DSC01633

The ride…OMFG the ride. I just don’t know how to describe it. If you’re a local and you haven’t ridden, walked or driven this route…you really should. We were scooting along enjoying every twist and turn, every new corner bringing a new smack in the teeth view.

Then Chantelle came over the intercom. “Rosie feels weird.”

Our first puncture. Mabel has NEVER had a puncture, just so everyone knows.

DSC01640 DSC01645 DSC01644 DSC01642 - Copy DSC01648

We soon had a patch on and the wheel put back together. I must admit, it wasn’t a bad spot to have to fix a flat. We even got to chat to some lovely locals who stopped to make sure we were ok.

As we climbed higher into the mountains the views incredibly became more and more amazing. With lot’s of oohs and ahhhs we climbed up into the snow line. There seemed to be hardly any traffic on this stretch of road and it meant we could really slow down and take it all in.

DSC01653 DSC01656 DSC01659 DSC01661 DSC01665 DSC01668 DSC01662

We eventually started to descend and shot out of the forested slopes of the mountains and into what looked like a semi arid desert type area. Wow.

Unfortunately our chosen camp was closed for the season so we had to press on to a camp called Marble Canyon. A nice camp right next to a lake with a soaring rock cliff behind us.

DSC01675 DSC01684 DSC01676

Oh and Rosie had a second flat… Mabel didn’t…….Rosie did though.

What a day. What a ride. It just gets better and better……

Tomorrow……hmmm…..north to Williams Creek via Cache Creek and some back roads.


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One thought on “Just wow!

  1. Jax

    Scarlet – front line defence of the food.
    Yeah, I’d back her against a Canadian bear.

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