Escape from the city!

Sorry for the lack of updates! We try to do them every day, but lack of wifi can sometimes hamper us!!!

So we were finally ready to escape from Vancouver and head towards Whistler. We were both excited about doing the Sea-to-Sky Highway, or as I mistakenly heard it called, Cedar Sky Highway.

The moment we were out of the city things just got better and better. The highway was smooth and wide, allowing us room to stay out of the way of the traffic with ease, and the mountains just rose up sharply above us. Bliss!

DSC01589 DSC01587

We made a stop into Horseshoe Bay as we had heard amazing things about it. We weren’t disappointed! What a stunning little spot, though I would imagine in the tourist season the place would be crawling with people. Today though, we pretty well had it to ourselves…and a few little baby geese things.

DSC01585 DSC01584 DSC01582

On the road again we went through Squamish where we had a pitstop for some food shopping at Walmart. We also had a giggle at some of the names of the food there. Because I am an immature boy!!!

DSC01591 DSC01592

From there we set our sights on a free camp outside of Squamish. We turned off the highway and rode down a traffic free road straight into soaring snow capped mountains! Canada you are so damn beautiful! Our short 80km ride today was just breathtakingly phenomenal! I had the camera out at every opportunity here and must have taken 100 or more photos.

DSC01594 DSC01599 DSC01597

Our camp was soon upon us and we crossed a gorgeous wooden planked bridge to get there. Signs warning of grizzly bears in the area had us clutching our can of bear spray close and I was ready to sacrifice Chantelle’s bike Rosie at the first sign of bear attack…..

DSC01602 DSC01603

We set up our tent and gathered some wood for our usual ‘smoke the camp out’ session and then settled in and enjoyed the serenity.

What an amazing ride! What views!!!!!

DSC01612 DSC01617

Tomorrow we shall head through Whistler and on towards Lillooet. Our gifted motorcycle rides of BC book tells us the riding that way is going to be great!



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2 thoughts on “Escape from the city!

  1. Beautiful! Love the scenery in our province, it never tires me and it makes for spectacular riding. Just remember to keep your food away from your tent and don’t even keep toothpaste in the tent. I am thinking that funky little electric fence you mentioned might be a cool thing for peace of mind. Keep us “posted” 😉

  2. Jax

    From now on you will need to continuously recycle superlatives.
    I had the same feeling about Switzerland.

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