See ya next time Vancouver Island!

We slept in a nice hotel room last night. It was so good to have a hot shower and a proper bed that we both had 4 showers each! Talk about wasting water! But it was so good for the soul!

We decided to have a bit of a poke around the parliament building this morning before we set off for the ferry. What a cool building! So beautiful inside and out! We had a great chat to the security guards who laughingly made me promise that I wasn’t hiding bombs in my motorcycle boots. In Oz you wouldn’t even dream of making a joke like that!

DSC01516 DSC01514 DSC01522

DSC01528 DSC01531 DSC01520

Once we had finished snooping around there we went and had a chat to another aussie couple. We could hear their accent from miles away! They are having a lovely holiday here in Canada and share the same excitement as we do about you lovely Canadians!


Scarlet being arrested for being too cute

DSC01536 DSC01535

On our way back to the bikes Scarlet wanted to meet a horse and ended up sat on a horse drawn carriage. She is becoming a real princess Jacquie!


Meet Sarge. Such a sweetie!

DSC01537 DSC01540

We set the geepers for the ferry terminal and it took us on some lovely quiet back roads all the way to the terminal. It is sad to say goodbye to the island but we know there is a lot more of Canada to see yet!



We splurged on the ferry ride and bought some sweet potato fries for lunch and I gulped down a ‘root beer’ or sarsaparilla as we know it. Love that stuff!


Once we got off the ferry it was time to head to a RV park near Lions Gate bridge. We were going to look at a camper van this arvo for a dear friend of ours daughter, make sense of that sentence!

DSC01562 DSC01563 DSC01565

We checked out the van and then it was back to camp across the Lions Gate Bridge and time to hit the sack.


Tomorrow we are heading just north of Squamish where there is a free camp near a river! Only about 100 km’s away. We are looking forward to the Sea to Sky Highway, even though it’s sure to be busy!


Night all!


Oh, we are thinking we really want to go see a Ice Hockey game. Any recommendations?



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6 thoughts on “See ya next time Vancouver Island!

  1. I just started reading your blog after your run-in with Dar in Victoria. If you have any questions about Alaska or the roads, I’ve made the trip close to twenty times. Though only the last few on bikes. There have been a number of riders on similar and smaller bikes over the years so I doubt that you will have any problems.

  2. Dar

    Woot Richard is here! Chantelle and Todd meet Richard.

    The Island is missing you already! Safe ride!

  3. Bailee reed

    Looking forward to read more of your blog. Miss you see you soon.
    Ps it was my birthday and you weren’t here.
    Bailee xxx

    • tncpowell

      Hi Bailee. So sorry we werent there for you birthday. We hope you had an amazing day and everyone spoilt you with lots of presents and cake! Love Aunty Channy and Todd

      • hi it was a good birthday but i was spoilt by everyone with mum sick my sisters sick kevins sister and nieces sick kevin away and not seeing dad YAY!!!

        • tncpowell

          Hi Bailee. Glad you had a good birthday. We love getting your comments on our blog! Sometimes it may take a few days for us to reply if we don’t have any wifi signal, but we will always reply! Hope you are enjoying reading about our adventure!

          Love Aunty Channy and Todd

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