Look out Hollywood!

Today was the fastest we had packed up camp yet. We were on the road by 8. Our thinking was that if we were able to be at a motorcycle mechanic just after they opened, that we might be able to get Mabel in and fixed.

The first store was hesitant to touch her as late model CT110 parts hard to find but they did give us directions to get to another bike shop.This one didn’t open until 11am so we sat out the front and waited. Just before they opened a fella came along and advised us to go to a better mechanic. He thought we and the bike would be better off. He kindly gave us directions to a Honda dealer and after a nice chat with him off we went.

DSC01511 DSC01510

SG Power took us straight in. They were lovely and really helpful and told us to come back in a few hours. So off we went to……. Yep Tim Hortons. Their bagels are like crack! So addictive!

Once we had a bite to eat we went back to check on Mabels status. She was in pieces out the back and had the mechanic scratching his head. So we decided to go check into our motel for the night. We were both hoping that Mabel would be fixed by 5pm as she is meant to be showing off for a tv show today.

Not long after we got to our hotel we had a phone call. She was fixed!!!!!!!! Mabel you little brat!!!!

We raced back to SG Power and it was cool to see the mechanic was so pumped himself to have fixed this little bike! Thankyou so much guys! Sorry if we were a pain in the bum with our constant worrying and checking in. If anyone is ever in need of a great mechanic with friendly service, go to SG Power in Victoria and ask for Trent Hawkes to work on your bike!

From there we raced the red lights of the city to Beacon Hill Park to meet up with the Farkle Garage crew. What a blast! We were a bit nervous but soon the girls had us laughing and feeling way more relaxed. We cant wait to see the show guys!!! Check them out over on Youtube.


Then it was dinner at a Bin 4 Burger joint and bed time!

The following pics are taken by Darlene Duncan of Farkle Garage, and I have borrowed them from her facebooks!

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Tomorrow we leave the island and head into Vancouver. Time to start going north!

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4 thoughts on “Look out Hollywood!

  1. Jon

    Hi guys,

    It’s John here the guy you were talking to at Tim Hortons who was going to pick up his Tenere yesterday. Glad Mabel is fixed and you are now on your way again. Safe travels guys. All the best.


    • tncpowell

      Hi John! Did you get your Tenere??????? Im very very jealous!

  2. Dar

    You guys are naturals, it was a great interview. Glad you had fun, it was fun for us!

    • tncpowell

      Hahah. We really enjoyed it!!

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