Heading southwards

We woke up today to sunshine!! Yay!! Our poor tent is still quite damp, and as much as I don’t like to do it, we packed it away still wet. We really want to go to Tofino, but because our bikes are so slow and we have to be in Victoria in 2 days we decided to start heading south via Port Renfrew. Just gives us an excuse to have to come back here right?!

DSC01434 DSC01435

We rode back through the Cathedral Grove and decided to get off for a stretch of the legs. Glad we did too! I didn’t know that in ere was the largest fir tree!! What a thing of beauty!

DSC01440 DSC01441 DSC01446 DSC01445 DSC01450 DSC01453 DSC01452

From there we did another short ride to the edge of the lake, Cameron Lake, for some photos. We couldn’t believe it when we saw people swimming in there. Bloody crazy!! The water was freezing and had me shrieking like a little girl when I stuck my hand in the water!

DSC01458 DSC01462 DSC01467

We made a quick stop at Port Alberni where a lovely lady came and spoke to us about her son who lives in Australia. She misses him and the grandchildren so much. Then as she and her lovely hubby were leaving they came past and gave us $10 towards our coffees. We were blown away and deeply humbled. The kindness of strangers in this country is something we haven’t experienced at home and it is simply amazing.

DSC01438 DSC01439

As we were about to leave another lovely couple had a chat to us in the carpark about our journey and our blog. If you guys are reading this, a big hello to you!

We followed the highway back through to :Ladysmith via the coast. Such a delightful ride, even for a highway. Our spirits were quite high today and the sun really helped!


We zipped along and before we knew it we were at camp. Today disappeared so fast!

DSC01474 DSC01478 DSC01480


We stoked up a roaring fire, and by we I mean Chantelle, and warmed the chill out of our bones with a nice cup of Chai and had a moments thoughts for our ANZAC’s. Thankyou to those who made the ultimate sacrifice so we could have the freedom to do this journey.

DSC01477 DSC01476 DSC01475

Tomorrow we shall head down along the west coast towards Victoria.

Thanks for coming along everyone! We appreciate every comment, every chat and every smile!

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2 thoughts on “Heading southwards

  1. Dna

    Really hard to do justice in a photo to such sectacular scenery but u guys are doing a great job…


  2. Katie

    Your trip is so amazing! So glad you are meeting wonderful humans along the way!

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