Tim Hortons

We woke up feeling quite refreshed today. I managed to light a smokey fire last night but it put out enough heat to warm us up. I’m sure this helped us to sleep. I’m taking the credit anyways! We did sleep with one hand on the bear spray all night. Plus we had put all our clothes into a dry sack and threw them as far away from the tent as possible.

So naked and shivering this morning I was sent forth to collect the bag.

We had breakfast and packed up our very wet tent. We were going to ride the 30 kms to Campbell River to steal some more free wifi to update the blog and then after that we would head to Port Alberni.

On the way out of camp we met up with two funny lads who were doing a section of the Trans Canada Trail on their KLR650’s. Funny funny guys. One of them was riding in $18 Wellington boots and gardening gloves!


The road back to Campbell River was a beautiful winding one with some small hills and plenty of scenery. Loving it here! Unfortunately not too many pics as it was raining quite a bit.

We sat ourselves down in Tim Hortons with a coffee and a 4 cheese bagel. OMG those things are good. A moment on the lips, forever on the hips…stuff it, I’m having another one! Plus a serve of poutine from Wendys next door. Which we do realise isn’t real poutine!


As we were sitting there doing the blog we got chatting to a local couple called Brian and Cindy. Who then invited us to stay with them at their house for the night! WOW!!!! Of course we accepted.


Scarlet has a friend!

We grabbed a bottle of red wine and headed on over. What a fantastic night! We laughed, we swore, we enjoyed a few glasses of wine. It was bloody brilliant!

Then we find out that Brian is an ex Royal Canadian Mounted Policeman!!! So cool. Plus he has his old mounty uniform! Which I could try on!

DSC01387 DSC01389 DSC01403

I had a blast and I rate this as one of the most fun nights we have had! Thanks Cindy and Brian! You guys are amazing!!! We will definitely be staying in touch with these guys.

DSC01397 DSC01406

Then it was off to bed, with full bellies and happy hearts!

Awesome day! Tomorrow, Port Alberni and beyond!


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7 thoughts on “Tim Hortons

  1. Cindy & Brian Simpson

    Wow you two … Thanks for the lovely words about our visit! Things truly unfold as they should, and chatting with you at Tim Hortons restaurant was meant to bring us together for many reasons. We enjoyed every single moment we were able to spend with you, listening to stories about your life in Australia and the plans you have in place for your 5-year motorcycle adventures around the world. Your spontaneous enthusiasm about Brian saving all his RCMP uniforms & accessories made it all the more fun to show them to you. The ultimate imparting of the pride of his profession inspired Brian to allow you to try on his uniform and be a part of sharing our pride of the Canadian RCMP force with others who will follow your blog as you travel the world. You can count on us to spread the word about your wonderful blog, and we’ll be sure to tee you up with family and friends who can offer you a soft pillow to rest your heads on along the way. Safe travels to you! Sending in the Angels to watch over you. Lovingly, Cindy & Brian Simpson

    • Jax

      The kindness of strangers, adopting stray travellers, never cease to amaze me.
      Kudos to Cindy and Brian xxx

  2. Marilyn & Reg Wickes

    Talked with you today in the parking lot of Port Alberni Tim Hortons. What an amazing journey you are on and we will definitely be keeping up with your blog. Wish you happy safe travels.
    Marilyn & Reg

  3. Bailee

    Looking good uncle Todd you to Aunty Channy miss you as well

  4. Dna

    A mountie with a ned kelly beard… u r hillarious totti.. 😂

  5. Dna

    Btw…r they ur legs?

    • tncpowell

      Haha. Yes they are my legs!!!

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