Errr bears? Wtf do we do?

Well it was a weird night last night. We aren’t really sure of how to deal with the whole bears thing. We have been told everything from ‘Dont worry too much’ to “Best get yourselves some bear spray and a portable electric bear fence”……  Plus there’s something called a Bear Banger…

I was woken up in the middle of the night by a noise. As I lay there listening to a weird snuffling, grunting, snorting noise, I quietly made a mental note to swap out my undies in the morning. Because I was CRAPPING myself!

After 5 sweaty bowel loosening minutes, I rolled over to wake Chantelle up, so we could panic together and then plan who was going to be eaten first, when I realised it was actually Chantelle snoring quietly. Anyone have a spray, electric fence, or Banger for that?

I eventually fell into a panic stricken sleep and slept right through until 9am. At which point I realised I was half naked, hanging out of the sleeping bag, and bloody cold! Was it some type of weird bear attack?

DSC01276 DSC01275 DSC01274

We packed up camp very slowly and had a nice chat to a local fella. From there we set our sights on a ‘town’ just up the road called Nanaimo. There was a camp here which we were told was lovely, if a little pricey. We are keen to start free camping and will head off for a swag load of anti-bear stuff tomorrow.


On the way we stopped at our first Walmart. What a place!!! Almost everything there that one could ever want! Unbelievable! I bought a jar of cheese, a jug of syrup goodness, and joy of joys, we found a Deb Mash Potato equivalent! Tonight we feast!


Even Scarlet got excited when she found masses of maple syrup!


We made it into Nanaimo and after grabbing some free wifi from Tim Hortons we set off for camp. Which also has free wifi and is where I am typing this up now. I managed to light a smoke pit after a liter of fuel and an hour of coughing and blowing on the fire.




The dehydrated mash was brilliant by the way! After which we made up some of our friends amazing Melbourne Marsala Chai. Its so damn good on a cool night! Plus our view was pretty spectacular also!


Tomorrow, we scare bears.

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6 thoughts on “Errr bears? Wtf do we do?

  1. Azurepink

    Enjoying your travelogue. Remember bears like honey 😆

    • tncpowell

      Nearly bought honey today too. But the syrup won this time as it was $1.99 for a litre. Which I will attempt to drink…straight…for breakfast..Not really!

  2. Dar

    You are going to want to know a lot about bears particularly heading up through Northern BC, there are black bears and grizzly bears and you don’t want to provoke them, but you want to make lots of noise coming through the bush. Most important bear country rule DO NOT EVER BRING FOOD INTO THE TENT. You can get bear pepper spray and bear bells. Make lots of noise walking put in the forest, bells etc. Go onto BC government website to see if they can give you resources.

    • tncpowell

      No worries! Thanks for the tips!!

  3. Jax

    Make Scarlet stand guard at the tent

    • tncpowell

      I think she would give us up in a heart beat!

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