British Columbia…So beautiful it hurts!

Today we were heading out of the city and onto the ferry! We had an amazing sleep last night in our very nice hotel and even though we are a little jet lagged, we are feeling so excited! We’re in Canada on our feaking postie bike!!!!!! Now to get Scarlet out of bed…


We set the GPS for the ferry terminal and it did a great job of keeping us off of the highways. We get lots of waves and heaps of people want to chat about the bikes! Loving it! One guy pulled up next to us in a massive cement mixer about 6 stories high, blocking traffic just to say welcome to Canada! We are so lucky to be here, and Candians are amazingly friendly!!

We made it to the ferry with out any driving down the left side of the road, though a few roundabouts had me shrieking in terror as we had to go round them the WRONG direction.

We parked on the ferry and then enjoyed the beautiful sunshine and watched the islands slip by. This place is gorgeous and it was all topped off by a group of seals swimming past the ferry.



DSC01210 DSC01214 DSC01215 DSC01218 DSC01227 DSC01233

On the island we set the GPS to take us to a camp north of Victoria called Cowichan River Province. And ended up back in Sydney…Oh no..hang on..Its Sidney!


OMFG!!! The road there was insanely beautiful, tall pines, twist and turns and little hills. Nothing Mabel couldn’t handle. Well she did it without complaining too much!

DSC01236 DSC01237 DSC01239 DSC01243 DSC01246

Finally we found our campsite, tucked away in a little corner. Under some tall pines and with birds singing all around. just magical! We all sat down and just relaxed. Even fell asleep in our chairs for a little bit!

DSC01250 DSC01247 DSC01249 DSC01252 DSC01256

Tomorrow we have no plans! Just to ride northish. Chantelle needs to be back in Victoria in a week to chat to a lady about a potential interview for a tv show! She’s going to be a celebrity!

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10 thoughts on “British Columbia…So beautiful it hurts!

  1. azurepink aka Lynda

    Gorgeous pics. I’m enjoying your travelogue. No worries about free camping over there? I guess it’s too early to tell. Watch out for those roundabouts. And enjoy your enviable lifestyle.

    • tncpowell

      We havent tried our hand at free camping yet. Apparently its ok to do so in some areas and not in others. Easier in rural areas vs more populated ones. We have a free camp picked out for tomorrow and will see if we can get there!

  2. Jax

    Stunning stunning photos
    ps. I hate you

    • tncpowell

      HAHAHAHAHAH!!! Scarlet says we love you back!

  3. Dna

    Ohh to be 30 years younger….. sigh

    Those canadians sound very friendly and welcoming. No wonder u were eager to get back there. Thie blog is such a fantastic diary… we are really enjoying it .

    Good luck with the tv show…

    • tncpowell

      The Canadians are so amazing! Also the ‘RV Parks’ are sensational! We will try to grab some pics of some of the caravans here for you. Or trailers as they are called. MASSIVE things!

  4. Vicstevie26

    You should give Adam Sawatsky a shout at CTV news..he does a spot every night about interesting people and their adventures 🙂

    • tncpowell

      Cool. We will have a look at that. We aren’t very interesting though…

  5. Bailee

    Gorgeous pics see you when you come back

    Bailee xxxx

  6. Bailee

    Gorgeous pictures your having a great big amazing adventure

    Bailee xxx

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