Brooooom brooom

So excited! We cleared the bikes today! It was easy!! I was looking for the catch right up until we rode away!!!! But let me start at the beginning…

We both crashed last night as we were just shattered. Until about 2 am! We were woken up by the vigorous and extremely loud….err….night time ‘exercising’ of our neighbours!

They seemed to be having a great time but we just wanted to sleep!!!

We eventually fell asleep again and woke up at 10am. I jumped out of bed and started packing everything up because I wanted to get the bikes. NOW!!! But I had to prod Channy into gear as she was bleary eyed and wanted sleep, or coffee, or to poke my eyes out. We finally got into a taxi and off we went to the shipping company.


I was expecting this to be a lengthy process with lots of back and forth between buildings and questions and fee’s. But I was dead wrong! The receiving company handed us our paper work, pointed us in the direction of the Customs building, about a 2 minute walk away, and off we went.

The customs staff were incredibly friendly and told us they would need to inspect the bikes for soil and to allow them a couple of hours to get it all done. No problem! In the mean time we went into a place called Tim Hortons and Chantelle had her demon quenching coffee and we had something to eat. A couple of hours and $45 dollars later we had our clearance! So easy!

I went and grabbed a jerrycan to get some fuel from the servo and some lovely man filled it and wouldn’t let me pay! I love Canadians! You guys rock!!

We handed the papers and $107 over to the shipper and they presented us with two BMW 1200GS boxes….


The fork lift driver opened the lid and got very excited at the sight of the bike inside. ‘Nice bike” he said with a big smile!


Once he had bought the boxes outside we tore into them! It was so good to see our girls and you couldn’t have smacked the smiles off of our faces with a dead fish!


Then Scarlet was introduced to the forklift driver and he invited her to have a drive on the forklift.

DSC01193 DSC01194

Once freed we packed our gear onto them and headed out into the traffic. Which is on the wrong side of the road over here! I have only been on the wrong side once so far, and that was on a back alley! Whoops!


We were in peak hour traffic by this time and we were finally on our way! First stop tonight is a new hotel. We are celebrating and splurging a little. Tomorrow we start on the budget side of the trip.



Tomorrow…Vancouver Island!!

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9 thoughts on “Brooooom brooom

  1. Dna

    Howdy mounties…

    Great to hear u made it safe and sound and that u off to good start…

    Looking forward to hearing about the next stage of your wonderful adventure…

    Take care and travel safe…


  2. Richard

    Hey – Same thing happened to me when I stopped over in Vancouver – night traffic noises!! That was 2002 – I wonder if they are still at it!! You are in one of my favourite cities and I adore Canada Alberts and BC. I asume you are going yo head over the Rockies to Jasper, Banff, Calgary? It is beautiful 😊 safe riding…

    • tncpowell

      Gday Richard. This place sure is beautiful! We are definitely heading over the Rockies. Mabel is already sulking about having to do it!

  3. Welcome to Canada!

  4. Tanya MacBean

    G’day Mates!

    Read your messages on Facebook today. Welcome to Canada! Since you’re starting your journey in beautiful British Columbia, we’d like to offer up a place to stay should you find yourselves in the Kelowna region of the mainland. We’re still fairly new to the area ourselves as it’s our first spring/summer here. We moved from the east coast (Nova Scotia) to BC in November & love it here, as I’m sure you will too.

    We’re still under renovations, but we can offer a comfortable bed, clean shower/jetted tub & a meal with a bottle or two of our own wine, or whatever your preference!

    We’re bikers, too. And, although we’ve traveled to many places, we’ve never left North America (yet). We’re envious of your spirit!

    Look us up on Facebook. Shoot off a message when you’re near. I’m “TC MacBean” & my husband’s “Angus MacBean” in Kelowna, BC, Canada. There’s 2 on Facebook. One is in Australia!

    Cheers! 🍻

    • tncpowell

      Thanks Tanya. We will definately be looking you up!!

  5. Jax

    I’m glad you are teaching Scarlet some new skills.
    I dare not show this post (or any subsequent posts) to Mo for fear of mutiny in the ranks.
    Enjoy xxx
    Jax (green with envy)

    • tncpowell

      This place is made for posties Jax. Seems there’s not many CT110’s here and Mabel and Rosie have a line of wistful bikers staring adoringly at them every time we stop. Or move. Better get Mo his passport….

  6. I am pleased to join Dar welcoming you to Canada!

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