Nearly time!

On our last day in Sydney Jax took us out for a lovely drive to see some more sights. First off was a stop at a place called Pie in the Sky. Amazing pies! We had Beef and Mushroom and Chicken and Corn pies plus a sausage roll. Delicious! All while sat looking out over a gorgeous valley and some mountains.

After scoffing ourselves we drove down through some lovely roads to Hawkesbury River to Brooklyn  where we ogled some nice boats floating on the flat water!

DSC01061 DSC01064 DSC01065

We then climbed some hills and after a lovely drive took a free ferry across the river at Berowra. We had Scarlet on board also and she wanted to get out and stretch her legs a bit.

DSC01071 DSC01077 DSC01076 DSC01081

DSC01085 DSC01086

We meandered our way back into Sydney and parked up near the Maritime museum. There was a wooden boat festival on and even though they were packing up we managed to get a quick look in at some gorgeous little wooden boats and the Endeavour. Captain Cooks own ship!  He was credited with being the first Englishman to map the eastern coast of Australia.

DSC01100 DSC01106 DSC01105 DSC01117 DSC01121 DSC01118 DSC01119 DSC01120 DSC01132

The four of us had a wander along the water front, enjoying the city skyline and having a nice stretch of the old legs. We walked through the mall and grabbed some photos with Scarlet.

DSC01130 DSC01125 DSC01126

Tonight we are going out for a dinner of schnitzels before finalizing our packing for tomorrow! Because…We….Are…flying to Canada!

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