Scarlet goes to Sydney town

We have made a new friend in Sydney. Her name is Scarlet. She is a bandaged bear from West Mead Children’s Hospital. She goes out on little travels with a bear sitter and then is adopted by a child at the hospital at the end of the year. Say hello to Scarlet!


We rode the bus into the city and Scarlet made sure we got off at the right stop. The bus driver seemed to be having a great old day at work and whipped out his book at every red traffic light.

DSC00981 DSC00982

We grabbed some lunch near the Sydney Opera house and did some people watching. Scarlet enjoys hot chips by the looks of it! She has good taste! From there it was time to head back to the house.

DSC00983 DSC00986

Later in the evening Jax took us out to see the sights at night. Sydney is bloody beautiful when all lit up! We drove down through Kings Cross, past old sandstone buildings and into some lovely lookout spots that looked out over the harbour.

DSC00994 DSC01024 DSC01020 DSC01009 DSC00998

We headed off to a place called Harrys Cafe De Wheels for some dinner. OMFG!! The food was incredible, as was the navy ships laying close by!

DSC01032 DSC01042 DSC01037

Once we had a feed of chilli dogs and chips before heading back home to enjoy a cup of the best chai tea we have ever had! If you like chai then head over to You wont be disappointed!!

DSC01044 DSC01050

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2 thoughts on “Scarlet goes to Sydney town

  1. dna

    Sydney is amazing city… the bridge is a great climb. Great photos totti..

    Btw… bit confused about the bear… did u make it’s little outfit? Is it travelling with you overseas?

    • tncpowell

      Scarlet is being bear sat by our host Jax! She is part of the bear ride charity. Its a pretty cool thing! Hahah. No I didnt make her costume! Looks cool though hey!!?

      Check out to see the bear ride stuff.

      Hope you guys are doing well over in WA! We have been thinking of you guys. Caravan and camping show is on over here at the moment.

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