We actually have no idea what we are doing……..

It was a misty cool morning today. The lake was hidden by fog and it was only 50 meters away!

DSC00928 DSC00930

We packed up our very damp, well totally soaking wet, tent and rode to the corner of the camp ground where there was FREE hot showers! So happy!


After a thorough soaking and soaping and smelling suspiciously clean, we sat down in the park nearby and had a warm brekky of porridge.


With breakfast out of the way we set the GPS to take us to Katoomba. We rode along some gorgeous back roads and around a lake called Lake Lyell. The views in every direction were incredible!

DSC00933 DSC00935

Unfortunately from this point on we had to do some highway miles. Luckily there were kilometers of roadworks, all with a signposted speed limit of 60 km/hr. Our speed! This had to be one of the most scenic highways we have travelled on in Australia so far! The road was cut into the sides of mountains and the views were staggering.


Once we got to Katoomba we did the good old tourist route and checked out a few lookouts.

DSC00940 DSC00941 DSC00945

From there it was push, push to get the last of the riding done to our camp at Bargo Pub.


What a great camp! We met a great guy in the pub and had a nice chat to him too!


As a bit of an extra for today, we would like to admit that we have no idea as to what we are doing. One bike is bent quite badly in the front end, and the other has a very suspect engine…… What can go wrong?

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One thought on “We actually have no idea what we are doing……..

  1. Adam

    Great to meet you guys! What beautiful pics n an inspiring trek!
    Adam from Bargo Pub

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