Moist…what a word

We woke to a very damp day today. The clouds where all around us. Literally!!!!! Our tent was drenched. Luckily its a good tent and we were warm and dry inside!!!


We didn’t have far to go today as we are just really killing time until we have to be in Sydney. We met a lovely South African couple who are travelling around in an awesome Unimog truck! Wish I had of thought to snap a pic of it and them! Nice to meet you guys and happy travels! So we packed up and cruised off through the Blue Mountains. In our gorgeous fluro yellow wet weather clothing.

DSC00909 DSC00916 DSC00913

We rode to Lithgow where we decided to treat ourselves to a meal, as we had come in under budget for the week. Once again Chantelle decided that she wanted MacDonalds. She never learns! So we had burgers and fries and a vanilla thickshake. Maybe I will choose next time! Channy thinks it was the best burger she has ever had… Hmmm…I dunno about that….

There were a heap of motorbikes in the Maccas carpark as heaps of girls on bikes were heading for Dubbo for the World Record attempt of most women on a bike in one place at the same time.


Our camp for today was only 15 kms up the road and before we knew it we were all set up and chilling out. We had a visitor come by to say hello, Jax from! She has travelled all over Oz on her little postie Mo and has only got 500 km’s left until Mo’s little odometer ticks back over to all noughts again!

DSC00919 DSC00922

After a quick chat Jax was off on her way to Dubbo. Only to get a little ways up the road and suffer her very first puncture! Mabel and I rode off to meet her and lend some help! Which was great because on the way back we were treated to an amazing sunset!

DSC00924 DSC00926

Back at camp Channy and I had a few glasses of port to warm us up as we cooked some dinner.

Tomorrow we shall head to Katoomba and on towards Sydney

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