Brrrr. Its cold

After a nice sleep in, we woke to the roo’s eating grass around our tent. What a beautiful morning! Made even better by Rosie having a flat tyre, thanks to a pinched tube, and a broken spoke too!

DSC00885 DSC00884

After fixing her tube and removing the snapped spoke we had a cup of tea and watched the sun creep up over the hills. What a beautiful start to the day.

We fired the two bikes up and took off for the steep climb out of there.

It was crazy steep. We were back down to second gear for a while, and with both engines protesting we finally crested the hill. That’s when the chill set in.

DSC00886 DSC00887

We spent the best part of today hovering around the 1200mts above sea level.

In a short time we were soon in Oberon. Our camp today lay not much further on, so we stopped at the bakery for a hot feed.



We had a nice chat to a German fellow who has been cycling all over the country and is on his way through to Brisbane. Crazy!!

DSC00888 DSC00893

We set our camp co-ordinates into the GPS and off we went. This camp was at the top of a mountain and the way there was a very narrow, very steep, and very rock ride. In the end we decided to turn back and chose another camp. The ground was so rough here and so steep and the poor postie bikes were really struggling.




Once we hit camp we set up the tent and lit a nice fire. After a few glasses, or two bottles, of red wine, we stopped feeling the cold so much.

DSC00897DSC00901 DSC00906 DSC00905

We cooked up a little dinner of mushroom stew and crawled into bed.

We should get to Lithgow tomorrow. It is only about 30 km away…

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One thought on “Brrrr. Its cold

  1. Good to meet up with you. It sure as well was cold! Enjoy the next continent, and you never know…we might see you’s overyonda some day in the future.
    Unimog greetings.

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