What a load of bollocks

We actually left from Yass and headed towards Sydney today.Finally! We wanted to get to the Blue Mountians via Goulburn as everyone has said what a great place it is. So with GPS in hand we hit the main Federal Highway. It was horrid! Full of trucks and crazy drivers, and we couldnt wait to hit the back roads. So enough though we were finally climbing hills with nary a vehicle in sight. But the bloody wind. WOW.

DSC00844 DSC00845

It was so windy. At one stage both of us thought we were about to be blown off the road. The gusts were enough to make us swerve all over the road, and to anyone sitting behind us, we must have looked like drunks!

DSC00847 DSC00850 DSC00849

Eventually we hit the little town of Goulburn. It wasn’t quite what I was expecting. Busier than we thought that’s for sure! It also had a lot of churches.


We had heard about the Big Merino with the big set of bollocks, and I wanted to see them. I mean it…the merino that is…

DSC00853 DSC00852

After I fondled his nurries we cruised out of town in search of a camp. The wind was so ferocius by now that we were both aching to get off the road.
Our first pick of camps was in a little valley next to a creek. Very beautiful and picturesque but the wind was howling and there were several trucks pumping water out of the creek.

DSC00854 DSC00855

We decided to press on a bit further and accidentally stumbled across a campsite run by National Parks. And it was free! Bonus!! Plus it was at the bottom of a super steep climb, which we could save for tomorrow!

DSC00858 DSC00863 DSC00860

After pitching the tent and attending to today’s bike maintenance we sat and watched the kangaroos eat grass while the sun went down. The wind died down briefly so that the rain could have a chance. This drove us into the tent for the night.

DSC00875 DSC00883

Tomorrow we shall head towards a town called Lithgow.

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