To Jervis Bay

We packed up our camp under grey and ominous skies today. I tried to get the fire going, but unless I have a few liters of petrol… Basically I am the worst fire starter ever. In the end I successfully smoked Chantelle out of the camp and made all our camp gear smell of wood smoke.


From camp we were headed north to Jervis Bay. It wasn’t a very long ride but we were sure making slow progress. We stopped about an hour up the road for lunch and got chatting to two old fellas. Peter and Bob. Funny guys! Peter invited us back to his farm to stay the night which was lovely, and if we weren’t trying to go further then we definitely would have.

DSC00811 DSC00814 DSC00815

One thing we want to try to do is bring the people we meet into our blog a little more. Something along the lines of People of Over Yonda. We are thinking we will make a new page on our website and take a photo of the person and get a story from them. Let us know what you think. There’s some amazing people out there with amazing stories to tell.

From there we donned our wet weather gear as the rain started to come down. By the time we got to Jervis Bay we were both frozen and damp. Why does wet weather gear always leak in the crotch area???


We had a short look around Jervis Bay but the weather sent us scurrying for camp. Which turned out to be further away than we realised. When we finally rocked up it was dark. So we threw the tent up on a flat bit of ground, cooked some dinner and both of us crawled into our sleeping bags. Not a very exciting day today. But Bob and Peter sure were funny.

DSC00817 DSC00820

Tomorrow we return to Canberra to pick up some parts sent to us by Lambda Motorcycles.

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