Canberra for postie parts

So after Chantelle’s nasty crash, we had to order some new bits an pieces for her bike. They are currently at our friends place awaiting pickup so today’s goal is to go there and get them before heading for Sydney. Only a few more days now before Rosie and Mabel board a jet plane!


We were awoken by the beautiful warm sun flooding our campsite this morning. A welcome relief after yesterdays rainy ride. We didn’t have any phone signal here last night so we had a night with phones off and internet’s off. Kind of peaceful!

Turns out our random camp spot was quite pleasant. We had lots of possums around last night and those little guys aren’t shy!

DSC00828 DSC00829

After we packed all our gear away, slowly mind as we were enjoying our cups of tea and coffee in the morning sun, we were soon on our way towards the big smoke of Canberra.

DSC00831 DSC00834 DSC00833 DSC00832

We followed some lovely little back roads and it wasn’t long before we were at our friends place. From there we headed up to Yass where we had a bed awaiting us.

DSC00835 DSC00837 DSC00836

It was a really uneventful day today. Some nice riding, but mostly in areas we have already been through. We are both very tired and feel we are nearly due a day off the bikes. Its quite hard work this being on holidays full time you see….

Tomorrow shall get better! We are heading to just northwest of Sydney to check out the Blue Mountains.

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