Cheesey cheese cheese.

Well, after a night of almost no sleep, due to some serious traffic and barking dog noise all night, we crawled out of our tent. Bleary eyed and grumpy. Cursing all and sundry, but mostly the man cheerfully whistling a tune across the river…..


I forgot to mention that we had a show with dinner last night. 3 young backpacker boys pulled up in a van near us and proceeded to strip down to their underwear. They then extravagantly and almost sexually slathered each other in some cream????? We figured it was sunscreen, even though the sun was almost gone….maybe it was baby oil?

Back to today. This morning while we were glaring at everyone and everything, especially that stupid noisey thing called nature, the boys all clambered out of the one Toyota van they were sharing and started stretching their wrists and shoulders…Excessively…..


So we also had breakfast and a weird show. Once the food and copious amounts of scarily strong coffee were consumed we got our asses into gear and headed for Bega, the cheese mecca.



We are big cheese fans and all we could think about was cheese. Everything turned into something cheese related. We were riding Cheese and Cheesey and we had some gorgeous cheeseside to cheese through. The cheese went on for miles in every direction. Lots of rolling cheeses and some beautiful cheesey corners. See what I mean? CHEESE!

At Bega we rolled into the cheese factory. I had a beard full of drool at the thought of allllll the free cheese I was going to eat. Turns out they had heaps! We had double and triple helpings. MMMMMMM.


Then we turned to the fudge cabinet and the milkshakes. One chocolate milkshake and a slab of chocolate fudge later and we were both feeling ill and sorry for ourselves.



We waddled back to the bikes moaning up a storm about our full tums and then rode towards the coast.

We cruised for Tathra because the visitor information guy in Bega told us that apart from the cheese factory we may as well go elsewhere to see anything of interest. Interesting tactic for a visitors centre!


DSC00737 DSC00738

From Tathra we followed the coast until we eventually ended up on the A1. This bee-lined us for an early camp just outside of Narooma where we did a little bike maintenance and then chilled out. Tonight we have enjoyed 2 bottles of red and a camp fire. We are both hoping for a damn good sleep tonight!

DSC00752 DSC00743

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