Goodbye Canberra

We had a bit of a sleep in today. Which was nice. Our friends house is lovely and quiet which made for a great nights rest. All too soon it was time to get up and start getting ready to get on the road.

We had to make a detour to the hardware place because Rosie’s muffler heat shield was loose and the damn rattling noise was driving me insane every time Chantelle rode any where near me!


With screws and some extra bits in hand we decided to be naughty and splurged on McDonalds for breky/lunch. We normally allow ourselves one ‘treat’ meal each week. We wasted it this time.


After our disappointing meal we set the GPS to take us to Cooma via the back roads. Or in this case straight down the Monaro Highway. With all the trucks. This gave us a reminder that basically no one knows how to drive! We had one truck over take us on double white lines and forced another car coming the opposite way off onto the shoulder. Eediot!

DSC00705 DSC00686 DSC00687

Our planned camp came up very quickly so we chose another one near a town called Cheese..I mean Bega. They make cheese in Bega and I now have cheese on the cheese. I mean brain.


Our friend from Canberra had recommended we check out Brown Mountain on the way to Bega. It was STUNNING. We stopped at a place called Piper Lookout which had incredible views all the way to the ocean! Well on a clear day. Which was not this day. Even the toilets had a view.

DSC00698 DSC00699 DSC00697 DSC00701

From there we basically rolled all the way down from over 1000 mtrs to just over 250 mtrs above sea level. So many fun fun twisty curvy turns and hair pins. During the descent Rosie was farting and popping. Chantelle is convinced Rosie is stealing our baked beans.

We passed through several gorgeous little country towns and Chantelle fell in love with one called Bemboka. She really regretted her choice of McDonalds here as there was a small bakery that made real pies! Notice that I said it was HER choice to eat Maccas. NOT mine.


We camped not far from there at a free camp in a beautiful park in Candelo.

DSC00710 DSC00718

Mabel has run really well today. No signs of her rattles and all seems well. Tomorrow both Mabel and Rosie get there valves done before we leave.

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