Having a yarn

What a gorgeous morning! After the grey rainy day of yesterday, it was nice to poke my head out of tent and see blue sky in every direction. The air was crisp and fresh and had that little burn when it hit your lungs upon inhaling deeply. I love mornings like this!


We sat down and had a breakfast of boiled eggs and tea and coffee when a ute pulled up in front of us. An older man hopped out with his coffee mug in hand and came chatted to us. He was a very interesting fella who lived off the land as much as he could and hunted his own meat in the form of wild pigs and goats from the area. Also, it turns out he used to race flat track speedway and has ridden bikes all his life.  He had some cool stories! Nice to have met you Old Fossil!


After we packed up our gear we wandered off towards Yass where we are going to stay with a good friend of Chantelle’s. The riding was sublime and we rode through some spectacular scenery up over rolling hills and down into meandering valleys. I stopped and explored some old convict built culverts along the way. It was brilliant!

DSC00647 DSC00645

We took our time as we only had a short distance to ride today, and enjoyed a long lunch break in the sun. We were quite chilly today as we have hit 1000mts above sea level a few times and there has been a cutting cold wind.

DSC00651 DSC00650 DSC00652

Eventually we arrived in Yass after a short highway stint. The house we are staying in was originally built as an inn called The Spotted Dog in the 1800’s and is simply stunning.I quizzed the owner on its history and rifled through all her old photos of the place. I’m fascinated with places such as this.

DSC00661 DSC00666 DSC00655 DSC00653 DSC00656

We were treated to a home cooked dinner and fresh baked bread after a heap of cheese and crackers. All washed down with beer and wine and a dessert of chocolate. WOW. It was amazing.

This place is going up on Air BnB so as soon as I get a link for it I will post it up. Definately check it out if your looking for somewhere to stay in Yass.

DSC00660 DSC00670

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2 thoughts on “Having a yarn

  1. dna

    Hi guys. . Trip looks amazing so far… we have been checking the site out daily…
    Great photos and blog.. we are enjoying following you on the adventure..
    Good to get the injuries out of the way early chantelle…
    Adventure ON… .!!
    Dna xx

    • tncpowell

      Hello! It sure has been amazing. Chantelle is just a clumsy klutz! We have met some amazing caravaners along the way. We can certainly see why you guys love it so much. Pretty much every camp we get chatting to lovely people. What a life!

      XX Totti and Channy

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