Do a lap of Bathurst

For years we have been fans of the V8 Supercar racing here in Australia. If you haven’t seen it and you like motorsport, then check it out! To us the only race tha is a must see every race season is the Bathurst 1000. Generally full of changing weather and awesome crashes as these 600hp monsters charge around a street circuit built on a mountain called Mount Panorama. Today two little CT110 POsties were going to have crack!


Not long after we packed up camp and got underway, rain drops started to hit our helmet visors. Hmm…not what we were hoping for. By the time we got to the town of Orange we were getting prepared to put our wet weather gear on.


Orange in NSW is a gorgeous little town with an amazing park that we decided to take a stroll through. I have to say, it must be the best park I have ever been in. Simply stunning!

DSC00621 DSC00612 DSC00624 DSC00618

After a short break in Orange we rolled towards Bathurst. Unfortunately for us we ended up on the highway for a while. The traffic though was well behaved and we had plenty of room to pull over onto the shoulder to let people pass.

Once we got into Bathurst the rain started up a little heavier. We put on the wet weather gear reluctantly and then went in search of Mount Panorama.

We did a hot lap of the circuit and we were both amazed at the steepness of the track! Also the corners are quite sharp and after having watched the speed at which the racing car drivers took those bends…well we had a new found respect for them and the size of their goolies!


Once we got the Bogan stuff out of our systems we went shopping and then made a bee line for a camp around 60kms out of town.It was a gorgeous little spot set in a valley on the Abercrombie river. Here we had a few glasses of red wine in front of a camp fire and watched the sun go down. A good fun day even with a bit of rain hanging around.

DSC00627 DSC00629 DSC00633 DSC00636 DSC00640

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2 thoughts on “Do a lap of Bathurst

  1. Richard

    Hey Todd & Channy! Following your journey and adventures )) Awesome that you have rode Bathurst! Really like the landscapes you are passing through too… Paella at my place if you are ever passing!! Take care…

    • tncpowell

      Gday Richard! Glad to have you along!

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