Look out goat!

After a breakfast consisting of a cup of tea, Chantelle and I packed up camp. We were keen to be back on the road after two days of being in the one spot. We feel its important to have a day off the bikes occasionally and we always look forward to getting back on them.


First up today was to go and get a tyre for Mabel. Her rear one is so worn now that I am waiting for it to fall apart. Being the Easter long weekend I didn’t think I would have much luck. But one quick phone call to a local motorcycle mechanic and for $20 I had a slightly second hand one! Yay!

From there we had to go shopping. We pretty well carry enough dry goods to last us a week so we do occasionally buy some fresh stuff just to keep the menu exciting. Tonight its going to be mash potato, peas, sausages and gravy and white bread! YUMMMO!


Once we had packed all the shopping away we scurried out of town down the Barrier Highway, heading towards Cobar in NSW.


It was a lot of flat long bitumen stretches with some amazing views and gorgeous little valleys.


We stopped at a town called Topa and had some soup for lunch before continuing onto our fuel stop of Wilcania.

DSC00526 DSC00527 DSC00524

What a dodgey feeling town that was. Buildings were boarded up, one looked like it had been destroyed in a fire and there were massive steel bars on the old pub. It just had a weird vibe about it. We grabbed some very expensive fuel and raced out of there.



Our camp was a further 60 odd ks up the road at a truck stop, with a fenced of kids playground, in the middle of no where, full of feral goats. Bizzare.


We setup camp inside the playground fencing to keep away from the ever hungry goats, cooked up a feast under a spectacular star filled sky and climbed into bed. A good day!

DSC00545 DSC00546

Tomorrow Cobar and beyond!

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