Mad Max!

Today was a day for being a tourist. Chantelle decided to have a quiet day at camp while I went to Silverton to check out the Mad Max 2 Museum. I am a big fan of the Mad Max movies so I was pretty excited!


After a quick splash of fuel I rode Mabel the 30 odd km’s to Silverton. It was nice and cool and finally there was some hills!

We made a stop at the famous Silverton Hotel and admired the old VW Beetle with a super charger hanging out of its bonnet.



From there I spied the Mad Max Museum and  I was off like a frog in a sock!


I grabbed a few pics from outside and then had a nice little chat with one of the owners. After a long wander around inside, looking at all the photos and props from the movie, I went out the back to where the real treasures were. The cars!


DSC00482 DSC00477

Not one but 2 Black on Black Interceptors. They are so beautiful!

DSC00475 DSC00479

Once I finished there I had a quick look around the town site and then headed out to see the Mundi Mundi Plains. It is so flat out there that you can see the curvature of the earth Pretty spectacular. Also its the filming location for Mad Max 2!

DSC00486 DSC00499 DSC00495 DSC00491

As I was most of the way there I pushed on and had a look at the Broken Hill reservoir.  It was bone dry with just damp sand in the bottom of it. Very dry out here and the whole area is on strict water restrictions.

DSC00499 DSC00506

On the way back to camp I spied a lizard, bearded dragon?, sitting in the middle of the busy road. So I gently nudged him off the road and out of harms way. I don’t think he appreciated it too much…..


One more night here in Broken Hill. Tomorrow we shall head for Cobar, after I try to find a new rear tyre for Mabel.

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